March 26, 2013

Reagan's Disney Recap

Before I recap Reagan's Disneyland vacation I want to

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Okay- onto the big Disney trip.

Reagan seriously had

It's hard to get too much information out of him because his mind moves like a bee- buzzing around each topic! But after grilling my parents I heard lots of details of the trip. 

The Plane/Flying
Reagan had a great first time on a plane. He was a big boy and wasn't scared at all.
He sat by my Mom flying over to CA and by his cousin Sadie flying back.

How cute is this picture? 

My parents with the 3 eldest grand-kids.
Such wonderful grandparents!

Reagan practicing the security check with the TSA guy.
Love the TSA guy's smile!

Whoo hoo! First flight!

The Hotel
They stayed at the Disneyland Hotel- love it! Reagan shared a bed each night with his cousin Sadie. She really looks out for him and he sure loves her. They were pretty much only in the hotel room for sleeping each night. No day naps for this guys! They stayed at the parks all day.

Resting/cuddling with Papa after the flight in.

Cousins ready to explore Downtown Disney after the flight.
(Thanks for sending the lanyard and pins for him Joc!)

Exploring the hotel.

Because they stayed at the hotel they had early entrance to the park every day. As you read last week, I had made them a travel itinerary of the rides and the order in which to hit them. I thought Reagan would primarily love and want to be in Fantasy Land or Toon Town but turns out this kid was braver than I thought.  His favorites in this park were Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, The Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I guess they rode most all of the rides and many of them twice. 

Star Wars Jedi Training

I read online about the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland.
Although Reagan (and myself) have never seen Star Wars, I knew my niece and nephew are big fans.  So I looked up the tips and tricks on how to get chosen to be in the show. And it worked!

This is not a video of our kids (not sure if Mom filmed it or not). But I found it on You-Tube. Check it out to see what the show looks like- pretty cool! 

Here is my Mom saving the area by the blue line while Dad took all the kids on a ride.

Here are the kids with the signs I made for them to hold.
And my mom got them matching red shirts to wear for the show.

And it all worked - our kids got chosen first!

Reagan participated in the training, but when it came time to fight Darth Vader, he decided not to. I don't blame him. He's pretty scary!

California Adventures
Reagan loved CA this trip. They did tons of new things that we didn't do last year so I think it was a like a completely different park for him.  His favorites were Goofy's Flying School, Jumping Jellyfish, and all of Cars Land. He loved it all but can't stop talking about California Screaming. He can't wait to try it next time. (His cousins went on it lots and he so badly wants to be them!) He's even been playing it in the backyard. Too funny. The family loved the World of Color show (minus Reagan- he fell asleep!)

Reagan and Papa waiting for the Aladdin show.

The kids with Mimi.

Toy Story ride.
This kid loves to wave.

Waiting for Mater's ride.

Sweet cousins.

Lightening McQueen!

Bug's Life

Turns out my Dad was the king of Fast Passes (he needs to teach me his tricks) because I completely suck at making the most with them. So everyone was hooked up on their favorite rides. Towards the end of the first day Reagan wanted to be held and carried - thus killing my parents' backs.  So the next few days they rented a stroller which ended up being a life saver. I guess even the bigger cousins took turns sitting in it for a break! My parents brought a suitcase full of food and snacks but they ended up eating every meal in the parks.  The first meal was a character dinner at Goofy's Kitchen.  So fun! Reagan was most excited to eat at Flo's Cafe (this kid loves Cars). But turns out the food didn't seem that appealing to anyone in the group, so they checked it out and left. There were a few things that I had really wanted them to see and do but because they were so ride-crazy they passed. Totally fine. Just means we will have to go back again! :) 

Amy requested a Reagan interview.
So here you go!
Ps- sorry in advance for the little tantrum he has half way through.
PPS- I have since found out the ride he is trying to think of is the Matterhorn.

Thanks for a great trip Mimi and Papa.
The kids are soooo lucky to have you!


Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Oh my goodness, I just watched some of Reagan's interview and it is too funny! He is such a doll...sounds like he had a great time :)

Amy said...

Oh my word! How wonderful! What great memories for your parent's & the big cousins! Something so special they will always share together!

Victoria said...

We had the best time ever!!!! Thank you again for letting us spend such a special time with Rea!!!!

KRISTIN said...

This is SO sweet! I absolutely cannot wait to take Kenley to Disney!!!