March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
Half-way to the weekend!!
1) My class' Flat Stanley's project is officially coming to an end. I have received 18/20 Flat Stanleys back. This year was amazing! Our Stanleys had some amazing adventures including going to the Superbowl in Florida and meeting Kurt Warner, danced in Fiji, posed with kangaroos in Australia, fed monkeys in Thailand, co-anchored the Illinois news, played basketball in Texas, visited CNN studios in New York, went to a diner in New Jersey, played in the snow in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Ohio, looked for dinosaur fossils in Colorado, served in a restraunt in Washington, went to the beach in California, went to the University of Arizona, saw Idaho potatos, helped on a cattle farm in Montana. My family and friends have been AMAZING! (I'm sure I missed some- but trust me- we appreciated them all!)

Us in front of our Flat Stanley board.

2) Today was quite a day in my class. Within the first 10 minutes of school I had a little guy vomit everywhere. Gross. Then a little bit later one of my boys goes "Anna just hugged me and her pants were wet. I think she had an accident"... I ask Anna " Honey, did you have an accident in your pants?" She nonchalantly says yes... Gross again. How long had she been sitting in those wet pants... and what would posess her to hug a boy knowing full well that her pants were wet.

This afternoon one of my little girl's mom brought baby chicks into my class. (Remember last week I taught them about oviporous animals...) It was so fun! I think they are just the cutest.

I cant wait for this weekend!
Reagan's First birthday and party will be Saturday.
And Easter is Sunday!

March 30, 2010

Tuesday Top Two.....

Okay... The Undomestic Momma's top two for today is :
Two Totally Random Things about Me
1. I still sleep with my baby blanket.
I know, I know... Im 28.. But yes. I still sleep with my raggety, old baby blanket.
I bet Reagan will outgrow his blankies before I do. Something about the smell and feel is comforting.
Don't judge!
2. I love, love, love hip hop music.
I love all music really. But nothing compares to driving around bopping along to some good hip hop. I mean- come on... talk about great lyrics "Call me Mr. Flinstone, I can make your bed-rock!" haha.. ;)

March 28, 2010

Family Birthday Party

Yesterday our family all got together to celebrate the many birthdays of the upcoming week!

(my mom's is Monday, my brother in laws is Tuesday, my older sister's is Wednesday, and Reagan's is Saturday)

We spent the day hanging outside in the beautiful AZ weather and had a bbq for dinner.
Happy Birthday!

My wonderful parents

My older sister Jocelyn, nephew Sawyer, niece Sadie, and Reagan.

Nick, Me, younger sister Meg, and bro-in law Shaun

My crazy, daredevil son... we are in for trouble!

Reagan opening up a present.... he wanted to get in the box so badly!

Blowing dirty kisses! haha

March 27, 2010

We're Moving!

We are officially moving!

I think I wrote a couple of weeks ago how we randomly saw a house for sale and we put a bid in. It was a short sale and we weren't sure how long the process would happen and if it really would even happen. But we were so blessed and things moved increadibly fast. We heard this week that we are officially getting the house! We move towards the end of April. Soo fast, right?

I couldn't be happier. While some people may be weirded out that the house is literally on the same street as my parents, I am thrilled. I am so close to my family. Having my parents just down the street and my sister and brother in law a few neighborhoods over sounds ideal. (I've always said my dream would to have all of us live on a compound like the Kennedy's!) We wont have to treck the long drive home after family get togethers....just walk down the street.

A few other exciting things:

*the house is in a cauldisac (such a plus for Reagan- I will feel so great about having him playing out front without a steady stream of cars)

*its in walking distance to a good school/park (my childhood school actually- even better!)

*the lot is a corner lot- so the backyard is really big- great for our dogs and Reagan

Today we drove by and took a pic of the sale sign- yahoo!

March 25, 2010

A Busy, Blessed Life!

This has been a busy time for us....excuse me why I vent for a moment..
1. Reagan has been sick. He caught my cold and he ended up getting an eye infection. My mom was SWEET enough to take him to the doctor for me today while I was at work so he could get checked out.... he got some eye drops and should be a-ok in a week or so! The poor kid. He has a gooey, yellow, swollen eye that only a mother could love!
2. School has been super busy.. Now that Spring Break is over, it is crunch time- even for our little first graders... We have the DIBELS reading test, AIMS math test, and District Writing test before the end of the year. The pressure is on ladies....
3. Tomorrow our grade level is in charge of bringing lunch for the staff tomorrow... so for the last 2 hours I have been making salads... and we all know I am NOT a good cook.
4. Next week is Reagan's First Birthday/party. Besides the emotional fact that I cant believe my baby is turning one, I feel super stressed about making his farm party the absolute best. Sidenote- I ordered a birthday book for him full of his monthly chair pictures... clearly I am mother of the year- not.... because I got three of the months with the wrong titles and completely left out his 8 month photo. For the love!
5. Easter. The day after Reagan's birthday will be Easter. I have not had Nick get into the attic to pull down the Easter box... so I have not decorated or found Reagan's adorable Easter basket. grrrr... So I quickly bought a cheap bucket from Walmart and filled it with some new books, bubbles, and DVDs. I have not even thought about what any of us will wear...... hmmm
6. The Move. I can't really talk to much about this at the moment... but while I feel very blessed it is a completely stressful time!
All I can say is TGIF (Almost). Hope you all are having a great week!

March 21, 2010

Getting to know you and video of Reagan walking!

Here are my answers to this week's "Getting to Know you over at Mannland5

The questions..

1. What year did you graduate high school?
2. What part of your body do you neglect the most?
3. Beach house or Lake house?
4. Mac or PC?
5. Did you wear braces?
6. If you could be one person for a or deceased..who would you be?
7. How many times have you moved in your life?
8. Would you rather cook or clean?

1. What year did you graduate high school? I graduated from high school in 2000. Coming up on my 10 year- time has flown!

2. What part of your body do you neglect the most? My tummy... its definately my problem area but I have never been a sit-up girl.

3. Beach house or Lake house? a beach house ... im not a huge beach person.. but it would be great to have the convience to lay out daily and listen to the waves each night

4. Mac or PC? PC at home and a Mac at school.... I actually like them both

5. Did you wear braces? Yes, I got them on in 7th grade and off in 9th I think... I was not very good about wearing my retainers though- so there has def been some shifting!

6. If you could be one person for a or deceased..who would you be? good question but so hard... I think I would choose Jackie O!

7. How many times have you moved in your life?
As a child I moved 2 times (all in the same area.... one was to a rental until our house was built, and then into the house my parents still live at) In college I moved 3 times (once to the freshman dorms, once to the sorority housing, and once to my apartment). Since college I have moved once - into the house Nick and I live in today... but hopefully we will be moving again by the end of this year!

8. Would you rather cook or clean? Neither! I guess clean though! It does give you a sense of pride when the house looks and smells good!

Here is an exciting video I took last night... Reagan started walking!!!

March 20, 2010

What we've been up to.....

Awww.... today is the last Saturday of spring break! Boo! While I am excited to get back to my smiling kiddos, I could definately go for another week of days- especially lazy ones.
Weds Night We went over to my mother in law's house to help her celebrate her birthday. We had delicious Mexican food and a tasty birthday cake. We laughed a lot and spent time with Nicks side of the family (including an uncle and cousin from Montana). Happy Birthday Sylvia!
Thursday I woke up with cold going from okay to terrible. I had a dentist appointment and actually fell asleep in the chair. (Soo drugged up from cold meds, eek! ) Luckily I had some time after the appointment before I picked up the baby from his sitter so I went back to bed! That afternoon Nick and I went with my Dad to meet with the "Mortgage Man"... Another step in buying our new house! So many hoops and such stress, but I know it will be worth it in the end.
Friday Nick took Reagan to his sitter and my mom and sister Meg came over to prep for our garage sale. Man, we have a lot of stuff! We worked hard cleaning, sorting, and pricing. We then went to Olive Garden for lunch and then made a stop at Urgent Care to get my looked at. Turns out I have bronchitis and my cold worked its way into the lungs... geesh- guess I should have gone earlier in the week. I left with a Z pack and some other meds.... hopefully they star really kicking in soon. (I desperately need a good night's sleep- this hacking cough will not let me sleep! :( )
Saturday The big garage sale! Wow, this was my first and I was shocked how fast they stormed in. We hadnt even pulled everything out before they came flocking out of their cars. We did well and sold quite a bit of our stuff. There was a bunch of stuff I was surprised to be left over (artwork and house decor). The big sellers were the furniture and the clothes. Interesting... A good first step by purging before a move. Its a little hard to say goodbye to some of my stuff, but its also a fresh start! Thanks to my parents and sister Meg for helping!
Tomorrow is laundry, grocery shopping, and getting ready for school. I brought my nerdy school crate home with me full of work to do this break and havent opened it once... I suppose I should peak in it and see if there was anything important for Monday! I had the best intentions... but this gorgeous weather was too hard to pass up!
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well, this post has pretty much NOTHING to do with St. Pattys day.
(Aside from the fact that today when we ran errands, Reagan and I were the ONLY people not wearing gree. I'm not gonna lie....I felt really left out. But I completely forgot about the holiday/tradition!)

We have been having lots of fun of far this spring break.
Monday Reagan and I headed to Scottsdale to spend the day with my Mom and Sister Meg! We started with a few photos of Reagan.... I realized that I never made an appointment for his 1 year photos but I had wanted some ready for his party... so I decided I would try it myself... they actually turned out quite cute and I think they will be perfect for his party. We will schedule the photo shoot for later. We then went to Bamboo Club for lunch (Delish Orange Chicken and Spinach and Crab Wontons), then went to Kohls and Target (window shopping for potential decorating pieces for the new house), then to Sweet Republic for ice-cream. (It is this hip little ice cream shop with increadibly unusual flavors (avacado-jalepeno etc.) I ordered "Vanilla" and was basically boo-ed out of the place, so I changed my order to "Carmel with Salt" . It was good, but Im def not very adventurous when it comes to food. Then we went back to my mom's house so Reagan could nap and the girls and I just chatted out in the sun. That night Meg hosted a NCAA draft party. Last year I didnt go because I was sooo preggo and ready to burst. (I forgot how intense this got... and boring on my end- since I really could care less!) But Nick made my picks and basically just told me to read from his script.. We'll see how I do!

Momma's Boy

Tuesday Reagan and I drove over to our friend Megan's house. We met her and her boys and walked to their neighborhood park. We ate lunch under a tree and let the boys play on the playground. It was wonderful to catch up on girl talk and the boys had a great time.

Reagan and baby Owen

Our Three Boys ready to hit the park

Wednesday I can't believe spring break if half-way over!! Reagan and I are still feeling kinda icky... the cold that wont go away! We hung out in the morn, then went to Michaels, Pier One, Hallmark and Target. So fun shopping with my boy! I have more crafting do do for the birthday party (can you believe he turns 1 in two weeks?) and Easter.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 16, 2010

Tuesday Top 2

This week topic for Taylor's Tuesday Top Two is.........

Which 2 celebrities style do you love best?

1. First is Reese. She has preppy and classic style.

On special occasions

or just hanging around town

2 . Is Victoria Beckham... I love love love her hair and have copied it more than once.... but I end up missing pony tails too much, so grow it out. I also wish I had her budget to spend on clothes and handbags... And extra bonus- her sons are PERFECTLY dressed all of the time!


March 14, 2010

Family Sunday

Today we spent the day with my family. We headed over to their house in the morning and played outside for a little bit. It was another BEAUTIFUL day and the sun felt sooooo good! Then we all drove to Peter Piper Pizza. After some pizza and good stories, Reagan rode his first rides... He wasnt too sure what to think of them! After lunch we went back to their house. Reagan showed off his new tricks and was crawling all of the house. We were talking and watching and then all of the sudden he bolted up the stairs! We died! My mom ran to sit behind him and sure and enough he made it all the way to the top. Now , coming down was another story! (Yikes--We dont have stairs at our house.. but two of the three gparents do!)

Boy on the move!
Riding with Ernie

Mimi and Reagan

Paka and Reagan

Happy Spring!!

Since we got home Reagan has been a little terror! His new thing is hitting me in the face and laughing... I swear he is testing me- and it so hard not to let him get the better of me! Any mothers reading this- advice?!?

Sunny Saturday

What a perfect day to be outside!
It was a beautiful, sunny, Arizona day. We met some friends at the Chandler Ostrich Festival. There were a million people (it seemed) there... but it made for some good people watching! We tried to watch the ostrich and pig races but had a hard time seeing over all of the heads. Reagan had fun looking at all of the animals in the petting zoo, especially the potbellied pigs. Nick and I had fun looking at all of the carnival rides and reminiscing about when we were young and brave enough to go on those insane rides! After the festival we went over to Guidos for some chicken tacos... and then Reagan and I took a long nap!) Last night we hung out and watched 2012 .... well, I mainly read while it was playing in the background.

Such a happy boy!
The Grahams and the Fedichs with an ostrich friend
Reagan and a goat
This morning I woke up to a new award from Mrs. Stoneking! Thanks girl !

the rules:
1.) When you have received this award you must thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.
2.) Name the 10 things that make you happy
3.) Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers and inform the winners

Well thank you again to Mrs. Stoneking! If you havent checked out her blog- you should. She is a beautiful girl with the most amazing wedding photos!

10 Things that Make Me Happy
1. When my baby boy says "Mamma".
Its not as often as "Dada" ... so it makes me happy when I hear it!
2. Snuggling in bed with Nick
3. Laughing uncontrollably with my sister and my mom (my best friends)
4. Being a first grade teacher
5. Being sucked into a great book
6. Drinking Diet Mountain Dew - ditto Mrs. Stoneking- my fave drink as well!
7. Watching The Office and Modern Family- laughing till my tummy hurts
8. Girls Days with shopping, lunch, and pedis
9. Spring weather and being in the sun
10. Christmas Morning!

10 people to pass this on to
I love reading about her adventures ... another first grade teacher!
2. Jennifer at Joshua Brody Francis
Fun to read about her adorable little boy Brody
This girl is the sweetest! She is currently subbing- love reading your stories as well!
4. Katie at the Life of an Army Wife
Such a nice girl and fun to read about her busy life!
5. Kelsey at Seatle Smiths
A great blog- especially her Wishful Wednesdays!
6. Brit at Dave and Brit plus One
Our little ones are almost the same age- plus shes hilarious!
7. Megan at In this Wonderful Life
She is a great writer and is expecting a little boy.
8. Megan at Just one of the boys
She is one of my oldest friends and is a wonderful writer! Plus she has the most adorable sons!
9. Taylor at The Undomestic Momma
This girl and I would so be friends in real life
10. Tara at Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes
It is fun to live vicariously through this girl!

March 12, 2010

Schools Out For Spring Break....

In the wonderful words of Vicki G. from Real Housewives "WHOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO"!
We are off of school for one week! And I couldn't be happier. I'm not complaining - I have the absolute best class and I love them to pieces. But after a long week of conferences and a cold, I am ready for a week off.
Today was a fun day in our classroom. We have been reading St. Patrick Day books and doing fun leprechaun writing and activities. So today "Lucky the Leprechaun" visited our classroom. When I walked the kids into the room for the day they were greeted with glitter, tiny footprints on their desks, shamrock confetti, notes, and a pot of gold candy and stickers. The kids were ecstatic and couldn't believe that a sneaky little leprechaun had been playing in their classroom.

(I used little doll shoes dipped in green paint and sprinkled glitter and confetti)

(One of my little girls with the pot , deocrations, and gold candies)

(Two of the girls and the letter Lucky left for them)

Also, here is a funny picture of what little Reagan has been up to lately... he is really into taking all the books off of the bakers rack. He laughs uncontrollable when he sees us come around the corner and realize what he has been doing... goodness!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

March 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to my amazing husband Nick!

4 years ago today we were married!

It's been a busy week with parent/teacher conferences and gearing up for spring break... so not a lot of time for blogging.

But here is a little tribute to him and our anniversary-- our first dance song


Me and You by Kenny Chesney

Ordinary no, I really don’t think so
Not a love this true
Common destiny
We were meant to be
Me and you

Like a perfect scene from a movie screen
We’re a dream come true
Suited perfectly for eternity
Me and you

Every day, I need you even more
And the night time too
There’s no way
I could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to

Every day I live
I try my best to give
All I have to you
I thank the stars above
That we share this love

me and you

Every day, I need you even more
And the night time too
There’s no way
I could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to

Ordinary no, I really don’t think so
Just a precious few
Ever make it last
Get as lucky as

Me and you
Me and you

March 6, 2010

Our weekend has been filled with friends and fun!
Friday was a busy day at school but ended on a fun note. Some wonderful friends and I went to happy hour/dinner and caught up on some much needed girl talk. Afterwards Kate and I headed back to school to attend our school's PTSA movie night. Our hubbies brought our sons and we had such a blast sprawled out on a blanket watching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". Reagan had fun playing with Jacob and getting lots of attention from the first graders in my class. (They were pretty thrilled too! This was their first time meeting Reagan.... they had been talking about it all week).

Me, Jenny, Holly, and Kate at Sandbar

Reagan, Me, Kate, and Jacob at Movie Night at school

Saturday Reagan got invited to his friend Cole's First Birthday party. We had fun on the slide and swing and enjoyed watching the other kids. It was a beautiful Arizona day and Kelly did a great job with the party.

Reagan and I
Reagan and Nick

Trying out the slide for the first time
After the party I met up with my friend Sarah and Kelly for a pedicure and girl talk. It had been such a long time since I got a pedi- it felt amazing! And I'm so excited for my friend Sarah. She is due on St. Patricks day with her little boy!! Keep her in your thoughts these next few weeks!

After the pedi I went to Target to pick up some staples- diapers, formula, baby food, and some bigger jammies (This boy wont stop growing!) Nick and Reagan met me for dinner at Applebees and Reagan was the star of the restaurant as usual. People just flock to the boy with the boy with the mohawk! Then we went over to the park where we are having his first birthday party to look around. It is going to be perfect- I'm so excited!
Ps-- how hilarious was the Office this week! Pam breastfeeding another baby- yikes! So happy to have the Olympics over and my tv back!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! We are expecting a rainy Sunday....very excited to stay inside and be cozy...not so excited to do report cards though!

March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy 11 months Reagan!
Mommy loves you!