January 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Hi everyone!
This week has been a crazy, busy one! Sorry I haven't been on blogger much to write or read your blogs! I will try and catch up soon!

Quick Week Recap:
- I had my yearly observation at school on Monday. It went great but it's always so stressful!

- Reagan is really turning into a little sponge. He mimics everything you say/do. I love it. But probably should start watching my language!

- Reagan kinda broke my heart this week. I went to pick him up at preschool and he said " No. Mimi. No. Papa." And planted himself down. Clearly, he loves my parents more than me! :(

- One of the Christmas gifts from my wonderful. scratch that- AMAZING parents was money to buy a new TV. So this week Nick finally decided on which TV he thought was the best for us and brought it home. We are kind of dying with the size and picture.

-I had a killer migrane on Thursday night and woke up with another one this morning. I HATE them!

-This week we celebrated the 100th day of school (kind of a big deal for us primary teachers). We had a full day of activities which totally wore me out.

This weekend
is a Mommy/Reagan weekend. Nick went on a boys trip with his friends to the mountains. Please Lord let no one get hurt or arrested. They are almost 30... not 20 anymore! Reagan and I dont have too much planned. We are going to a basketball game with my family this afternoon and then I think my sister is coming over to hang out with us this afternoon. I have a bunch of school and house projects to do... plus a migrane- so I think a low-key weekend is due!

Have a great one!! XXOO

January 23, 2011

Go Pack Go!

Whooo hooo!!
Our Green Bay Packers are headed to the SUPERBOWL!!!
We watched the game over at my parents' house. Such a great game!

January 22, 2011

They say it's your birthday....

Today Reagan and I were busy bees. He was invited to 2 birthday parties! We had a lot of fun but were totally exhausted and both took big naps this afternoon!

Off we go!
First stop : Jackson's 3rd birthday party

A bunch of the mommies.
The kids on the big slide.
Next Stop: Owen's 1st Birthday!Megan always does the best job! Check out her cute decor and theme!

goodie bags

food table
The birthday boy trying cake.. don't mind Reagan.. He was in a foul mood at this second party... He really wanted that cake!
I hope all of the birthday boys had fun! Thanks for having us! Reagan had a ball.
Tonight we are watching our baby brother in law Cooper while Nick's parents go out to dinner. More fun for Reagan and more exhaustion for me!!
Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

January 21, 2011

Flat Stanley Project

Hi friends!
I am organizing this year's Flat Stanley project in my class. It is always one of the favorite things for my kids. Here is a little recap from last year .... Anyways. I thought since I have gotten to know many of you blogger friends I would open it up to you. If any of you are intersted in having a Flat Stanley from my class come visit you , please let me know and we can be in contact!
Basically one of my students will write you a letter and send you a Flat Stanley picture. We just ask that you take some pictures with the Flat Stanley doing fun things in your state and then write us a letter back. The kids love to hear about what people do in other states and hear about the adventures their Stanley went on.
Thanks in advance!!

January 20, 2011

A few weeks late...

So I know most people made their New Years Resolutions a few weeks ago. Lots of people started dieting and working out. Well, I was a few weeks late to jump on this bandwagon.

I think it may have been after Sunday night watching all the beautiful people on the Golden Globes when it hit me.

Dang, Gina.

It's about time to get rid of this jiggle in my middle and tone up.

So Monday when we went to the store I stocked up on fruits, veggies, slimfast, and Smart Ones.

This week my meals have consisted of a slimfast for breakfast, a smart ones with a yogurt and some carrots for lunch, and another smart one meal for dinner. I'm not going diet crazy, just trying to do better than my holiday eating... I was soo bad!

As for working out....
If you know me at all. You know I. Dont. Work. Out.

My friends suggested I start walking with Reagan. So I tried it on Tuesday.

Quick recap: the first mile was good. The second mile was like hell on wheels. Reagan screamed for his Mimi (who was no where near... but clearly thinks she can save him from the evil mommy), managed to get half way out of the stroller all the while bruising his tummy on the belt. Needless to say, I didn't want to do it on Wednesday. But today I thought I would try something I haven't tried since we moved into the new house (umm.. ya. May of last year). I plugged in the treadmill! Yes, the treadmill in Reagan's playroom that has turned into an additional toy shelf since it is never used. I parked Reagan in the living with the Toy Story dvd (Mother of the Year, I know) and I started walking. I walked 2 miles with the help of my Nook. AMAZING! It was sooo NOT boring being able to read while working out. So, well see... this might be the start of something new. I've gotten on these kicks before.... but fingers crossed it sticks awhile. At least till I get skinny again!

Ps- I bought a book recommended to me by my friend Holly (The Bright Side of Disaster) and was reading it on my Nook. PPS- here is the Lily Pulitzer Nook cover I bought with some gift card money from my friends Kelli and Lisa... How stinkin cute is it?

January 17, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today we were off of work/school for Martin Luther King day.
And boy did the weather cooperate. It was beautiful! High of 75 and sunny.
We decided to have a picnic at the park. Such fun.

Reagan loved, loved, loved, loved feeding the ducks.

He had a blast playing with his ball.

And adored meeting new friends and sliding at the playground.

Just being outside and together brought us all a lot of happiness today!

Hope you all had a great Monday as well!

January 16, 2011

Football Fever!

A couple of people have asked about where my love of the Green Bay Packers comes from
(since I live in Arizona)..... so here is a little background.

My dad was born and raised in Wisconsin. All of his side of my family still lives there as well. So growing up I was raised in a household that followed the Packers. When I first started dating Nick in college, we thought it was a crazy sign that he loved the Packers as well. His family is from Montana and that is where he was born. His dad is a crazy Packer fan as well.

It's been fun to see our two families blend over the love of the Packers. My dad, Nick, and his dad have taken a few trips to Green Bay to see the Packers play at Lambeau Field and they always talk about when will Reagan be old enough to bring him.

So that's it. We are sooo excited about the big win last night! Go Pack Go!

PS.. we had a fun lunch yesterday with some of our friends at Zipps. I love being with old friends and laughing about our wild and crazy times!

January 15, 2011

Birthday Recap....

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes! It was a good birthday! As you know, I had a surprise birthday evening with my family last Sunday.
Then Thursday was my actual birthday. My kids at school were very sweet. I got lots of love all day. First graders seriously are the best. I received tons of pictures and cards, some stuffed animals and candy, and quite a few handmade necklaces .... haha.. got to love six year olds! My friends at school also spoiled me. They had brownies for us to enjoy at lunch and I got a new candle, new baking stuff, a Starbucks gift card, and a Barnes and Noble gift card for my new Nook. Nick also sent me roses to work... so fun.

That night my Mom offered to watch Reagan so we could have a baby-free night. We went out to dinner at one of my favorite restraunts, Bamboo Club. So delicious! Reagan was having a pretty rough time and really missing his Mommy and Daddy, so he came back home before bedtime. It was totally fine with me. I missed him too!

PS. Im super excited about our new bar stools. My AMAZING mom surprised us with these beautiful chairs. I love them and they are perfect!! Nick and I are so lucky. We are spoiled rotten! :)

January 12, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I've linked up with Jamie again! Check out her sweet blog if you already haven't!


I'm loving that tomorrow is my birthday! 29 isn't that much of an exciting number but I am excited for the adventures and memories that will be made this year! I don't have much planned.... just school and then dinner with Nick tomorrow night. My mom has offered to watch Reagan so we can have a baby-free dinner. Now we just need to decide where to go. Thanks mom!


I'm loving the nice feedback I have gotten at work lately. I have been working really hard and I am glad that it is paying off and people are appreciative of it.


I'm loving my wonderful husband. I had a really rough night last night and he was so supportive and loving. I am so lucky.


I'm loving my adorable little man. He manages to make me smile no matter what is going on. I finally took a video of him talking for you all.... please excuse his wild man hair and jammies. Enjoy!

January 10, 2011

Sunday Surprise

Yesterday was a great Sunday.
It started with meeting a very special little man. My friend Kate had her baby and a couple of us went over to meet him and shower him with kisses. Its been almost a year since I held a tiny baby like this... pure love. While the girls all gabbed and loved on baby Max, the other boys played and played. I'm so happy for my sweet friend and her beautiful family.

Baby Max

Kate, Jacob, Max, Holly, Lisa, Jackson, Reagan and I
The big boys

Hard at work
That afternoon we went to cheer on the Green Bay Packers over at my parents' house.
I walked and my family had planned a little surprise birthday night for me. (My bday isn't until Thursday).
I was totally grubbed out in my football sweats (fail) but I had a great night. We watched the Packers win (GO PACK GO), my mom cooked my favorite chicken enchiladas and salad, my sister baked pretty cupcakes, and I opened presents!

One of the highlights of the night was Reagan yelling "touchdown" and "go pack go".
This boy seriously loves his football!

I got some new outfits, new shoes, and a Nook. I'm so excited to wear new spring clothes (hurry and warm up already) and try out my Nook!

Thanks for a wonderful pre-birthday surprise family! XXOO You are the best!