January 10, 2011

Sunday Surprise

Yesterday was a great Sunday.
It started with meeting a very special little man. My friend Kate had her baby and a couple of us went over to meet him and shower him with kisses. Its been almost a year since I held a tiny baby like this... pure love. While the girls all gabbed and loved on baby Max, the other boys played and played. I'm so happy for my sweet friend and her beautiful family.

Baby Max

Kate, Jacob, Max, Holly, Lisa, Jackson, Reagan and I
The big boys

Hard at work
That afternoon we went to cheer on the Green Bay Packers over at my parents' house.
I walked and my family had planned a little surprise birthday night for me. (My bday isn't until Thursday).
I was totally grubbed out in my football sweats (fail) but I had a great night. We watched the Packers win (GO PACK GO), my mom cooked my favorite chicken enchiladas and salad, my sister baked pretty cupcakes, and I opened presents!

One of the highlights of the night was Reagan yelling "touchdown" and "go pack go".
This boy seriously loves his football!

I got some new outfits, new shoes, and a Nook. I'm so excited to wear new spring clothes (hurry and warm up already) and try out my Nook!

Thanks for a wonderful pre-birthday surprise family! XXOO You are the best!


The Scott's said...

Happy early birthday to you! Mine is next Tuesday!!! Looks like you had a great Sunday afternoon and were SPOILED with presents!!!

Ashley said...

What a fun little "Surprise"!

Mrs. Mama said...

Happy birthday to you! what great gifts, and those cupcakes looked so so delicious!

Anonymous said...

How fun!! Happy early birthday :)

I love the pic of Reagan doing "touchdown!!"

Amy said...

Happy early Birthday! I'm from WI & a Packer fan, too! :) Just curious how you got loving the Packers from AZ?? So excited for Saturday! :)