January 21, 2011

Flat Stanley Project

Hi friends!
I am organizing this year's Flat Stanley project in my class. It is always one of the favorite things for my kids. Here is a little recap from last year .... Anyways. I thought since I have gotten to know many of you blogger friends I would open it up to you. If any of you are intersted in having a Flat Stanley from my class come visit you , please let me know and we can be in contact!
Basically one of my students will write you a letter and send you a Flat Stanley picture. We just ask that you take some pictures with the Flat Stanley doing fun things in your state and then write us a letter back. The kids love to hear about what people do in other states and hear about the adventures their Stanley went on.
Thanks in advance!!


MJ said...

I'd love to have Flat Stanley visit me in Los Angeles!! If I have a class by then he can visit them too :)

Gladys said...

How fun! I would love to have Flat Stanley visit my class!

Carol said...


I am a Pre-Primary teacher(I teach 5/6 year olds)that lives in Perth. If you would like to send flat stanley to Australia, let me know.My school year is just about to start but if you wanted to send one later in the year (April), then please contact me, and I would gladly love to be involved.

Carol S.

Savanah said...

he can come visit me in Houston! :)

Country Girl said...

All he would see here is snow, snow and more snow!