June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Thursday!

Whoo hooo! It is Thursday!! (Def. missed the boat yesterday!)
I'm loving lots, so thanks for checkin it!!


I am loving that todayis the LAST DAY of summer school. Do you hear the angels singing? 'Cause I sure do! It hasn't been terrible, but I've been pretty checked out!


I amd loving that we are heading up to my parents' "treehouse" again for the 4th of July. You can read about last year's trip here . I am kind of obsessed with my family-- so this is always so much fun!


I am loving getting paid tomorrow for summer school. I need it. I have spent way too much money at Target and Lakeshore already... My back to school list is still 3 pages. Kill me! :)


I am loving that Reagan has been doing great at swim class. Today is the last day of this session!

Hope you are loving lots today!! XXOO

June 26, 2011

Our Weekend

Hi friends!

Here is a recap of our weekend!


I had a dr. appointment for my migraines. He said it seems my migraines are hormone , stress, and tension related. I get them really bad during my period and didn't get them at all when I was preggo. He also said I so tense and had little movement in my head/neck area. He kept telling me to "relax" and I was like "this is as relaxed as I get!". He did some treatments on my head and neck which he said would help circulate the blood flow more in that area. He also gave me a bunch of different new med samples to see which work best. I have another appt scheduled for a few weeks when I am actually on my period to see if he can help alieviate the pressure/pain.

He recomended getting a rolling stool for my classroom (like in the dr. office) because he said all of the up/down and bending down to the first grader's desks was not helping. He also recomended exercise (blah) to help get rid of my stress that builds up in my neck. I will keep you posted!! Thanks for those of you who emailed/posted about my migraines last week! I really appreciated it! :)

That day my mom also suprised Reagan with his new Pottery Barn chair. When he was born my sister had gotten him the "baby" version...and he seriously sits in it all the time! He was growing so big for the little chair so my mom got him the new "big boy" version. It's so cute!! Thanks mom!

Reagan and the baby chair.

The new big-boy chair.


We woke up early and went to the first showing of Cars 2. Reagan had never been to the movie theater so we weren't sure how it was going to be. He did pretty well! He sat in a booster in his own seat for prob 40 minutes and then got antsy. He moved to my lap for the next 2 minutes and then started begging to go home. So we left before the end of the movie. It was a good first attempt! The movie was pretty cute... not sure it's as good as the first... but there was lots of Mater which is Reagan's favorite guy.


Nick and his dad are golfing so Reagan and I are going to putz around the house and hopefully make a trip to Lakeshore... I'm totally inspired to work on stuff for my classroom. Reagan has been a terror shopping lately. I'm not kidding. Yesterday at Buy Buy Baby he was running laps around the store, refusing to sit in the cart, etc. I was mortified. I swear, I'm not a bad mom but it sure feels that way lately.

June 24, 2011

It's Britney Bitch!!

Wednesday was the big night!

Britney came to Phoenix!!

My sister and I met with my friend Lisa and her sister Britney for the concert festivities. First we ate dinner at The Yard House. So good and great prices for happy hour! Holler!! It was pretty hilar to watch all of the crazy people in their best Britney outfits. There were quite a few "old school Brits" with their school girl uniforms and quite a few neon wigs... interesting!

We had got seats in the higher area right next to the stage. We walked in were told that we were upgraded. Good for us, but bad for Britney. I guess she didn't sell out so she moved some of the higher seats down to the lower to help fill in. SCORE!

There were 3 opening acts but thebest was Nicki Minaj. She was so good- defnately a bad girl- but totally entertaining! Then it was time for Britney and she was amazing! She did a bunch of the classics and lots from the new album. Loved it all!

Seriously, Love Her!

June 21, 2011

Home Tour- Kitchen Edition

It's time again for Lindsey's home tour! This week she asked us to show off our kitchens.

My kitchen isn't very big but it's perfect for us.
Here is a look from the living room into the dining area/kitchen.
Our kitchen, dining, and living room is basically one giant space.

This kitchen table is hardly used. It is mainly a catcha all for our stuff. I think down the road we will turn this into a office/workspace. We tend to just eat at the dining room table (from the first pic above).
I am like an old lady and love little rooster accents in my kitchen. We have a daddy, mommy, and baby on top of the fridge. (We have another matching baby hidden away for when baby #2 comes along! hehe) My other fave thing about these birds? When Reagan sees them he yells "Cock!!!" I die.
See my other nerdy roosters?
Here is looking out the kitchen towards the living room.
Here is our dishwasher covered with child things... It's a good distraction for Reagan when we are cooking and such , but darn annoying when you run into it while doing something and the stupid farm won't stop mooing and oinking! There is also a picture of my niece and nephew down low for Rea Rea to talk to.
Last but not least there is our family fish "Memo". All fish are now Nemo according to Reagan.

June 20, 2011

First Swim Class

Tonight was Reagan's first swim class.

Nick did it with him, but let me tell you I will be doing it tomorrow night. It was hotter than heck just sitting there watching! He loved it and cried like a baby when it was time to get out. I guess that's good, right? We go Mon-Thurs for the next 2 weeks.

June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I hope that you all had a wonderful fathers day weekend! Here is a recap of ours:

Saturday Nick went up north to play golf with my dad and bro in law. Reagan and I stayed home and played. We also went to the grocery store and got stuff to make a yummy dinner and dessert for Nick when he got home.

This morning we were super lazy and just vegged at home.
Reagan gave his daddy his card and gift.

This afternoon we met my family at the bowling alley. It was so much fun!
My boys bowling
Mommy's little helper... and check out my rockin' shoes!

Reagan with his Papa and Daddy

My dad and his daughters
After bowling we went out dinner at Bamboo Club.

My wonderful parents
My wonderful family
The grandkids

June 18, 2011

Another week of summer!

Sorry again for the lack of blogging!

This past week was the first one of summer school with the kiddos. I have 21 kindergarteners from various schools , 1 other teacher, and 2 aides... a lot of bodies! But we are working really hard. The first part of the day is dedicated to writing. We are using a program called "Pathways to Writing" and it really has the kids go through the whole writing process. I was really impressed with some of the writing these kinders already are able to do! Way to go teachers! The second part of the day is doing Readers Theater. This week our play was "The Stars" with songs like Twinkle, Twinkle and Star Light, Star Bright. It was hard and a lot of work but the performance was on Thursday. Every Thursday the parents come and the kids perform. It was pretty hilarious and some of the kids just stared into space, but what are you going to expect after 4 days!?!

I've also been hit badly this week with killer migraines. Do any of you reader suffer from them? I would love to know what helps you? I have a doctor appt next week to see if he can help me!

What else? Thursday after I picked up Reagan from his school, we came back and baked cookies. It was so fun and I think we are going to have to bake something often- good for fun, bad for my tummy! haha... Oh well :)

Friday my sister and I went to the mall with Reagan to do some shopping. It was so much fun. I some new undies, clothes, bath and body, and gifts... love shopping! We tried to get Reagan some new shoes but that ended badly- he decided to run all around Dillards with no shoes on. Off I go chasing him and calling out the full "Reagan James" in my mean mom voice... This is becoming a regular. Geesh!

That afternoon my good friend Kristin came over with her new baby girl Sydney. It seems like I was just at her baby shower! Sydney was adorable and she and Reagan and pretty much already set up to be married. :)

Kristin and Sydney (11 weeks old) future Mrs. and Mr. hehe
I could just eat her!
sharing a book
I only wish she lived in AZ and not California!

That night Nick, Reagan and I went to Zipps for some dinner and came home for our weekly movie night. This week we watched Over the Hedge. It was sooo cute and I totally recomend it. I laughed a lot! After Reagan went to bed Nick and I watched True Grit- also so good!
Here is what our movie/camp-out set-up looks like! Pretty comfy, right?

I have been trying to catch up on all of your blogs and yahoo, finally figured out how to comment again!! Hope you are well, xxoo!!