January 21, 2012

Flat Stanley Request

Hi Blogland Friends!
I know that I have "met" so many wonderful blog friends from across the country and I have a big request.  Every year, my first graders do a "Flat Stanley Project".  You can read about it here.

Would any of you sweet blog friends be willing to host one?

First I will get your name/address and then I will pair a student up with you. They will write you a letter and send you their Flat Stanley.  You will then have a couple of weeks to take some pictures with the Flat Stanley doing something fun or special where you live.  You will also write a letter back to my student and send the photos and Stanley back.  The students wait excitedly for the mail and love reading about where their Flat Stanley's traveled.  We create a huge bulletin board to document. 

I teach at a Title 1, low income school where most of the students never get to travel farther than their neighborhood. So this ends up being an amazing experience for them to see the country.

If you are interested, please comment below.  Also, please email me at Mandygraham311@yahoo.com with your name and address. 


Gladys said...

Sign me up! I would love to do this...how exciting!


Kris said...

I would to as well!

sGe said...

If you can get him to me in the next two weeks, I can take him around Colorado Springs & Missoula, MT. I LOVED Flat Stanley as a kid and helped my Mama's school take him to MT a few years ago.

Amber said...

Jax and I would love to do this! Fun!

Miss Nguyen's Class said...

I would love to do this. It would be a fun experience!


Mrs. Hodge said...

Live in Orlando and going to Tampa and Clearwater Beach next weekend - would love to help out. My K kids would love it! One of my K Stars dad's owns an air boat ride thing - thinking FS might love it!

Sara S. said...

I'd love to help! We are doing the same project in my class right now. It will be interesting for my students to be the ones receiving the Flat Stanley!

Sara :)

Smiling In Second Grade

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Mandy! What a sweet and FUN idea! I would be happy to help out from Alabama! :)

Email me!


Mrs. Fishel said...

Hi, I'm from Edmond, Oklahoma and teach Kindergarten at a private preschool. We would love to participate in your flat stanley project if you need more volunteers. :-)

Jessie Fishel


N-F First Grade said...

Check out our Flat Stanley Blog: http://n-f1stgradeflatstanley.blogspot.com/