March 30, 2012

Lately in First Grade and Flat Stanley Part 3

Last week in our class we studied oviparous animals.
(One of my favorite units!)

I didn't take many pictures of our activities throughout the week, but I did snap a few of our oviparous animal reports.  I had the kids break up into groups depending on what oviparous animal they wanted to research.  Each group did a little research at their table using nonfiction books, while my intern and I called students over to our computers to research some more.  The kids were great "little reporters". The students took their research notes into a report and boy did they do a great job.  After the report was written the kids made paper pictures of their animals. They turned out so creative and cute!

This week during science we studied Spring.
Here are some sweet Spring Poems using their 5 senses.

And another Flat Stanley update:
Erick's Flat Stanley flew to Tucson, Arizona where it visited my friend Ashley.  She and her hubby took Stanley on a hike through the desert!

Marisol's Flat Stanley flew to Dallas, Texas to visit my sorority sister Lizzie.  Lizzie took him to a concert, a hibachi restaurant, and a John Paul Gaultier exhibit. 

Lisette's Flat Stanley flew to Illinois to visit my sorority grand dot.  She is a news anchor and always does an awesome job.  She always puts him on the news and sends a video for the kids to watch.  They LOVED it.

Jacob's Flat Stanley flew to Texas to visit one of my bridesmaids and sorority sister's Lindsey.  She took him to her school and made an awesome book of their adventures.  She also sent Jacob new books and other learning tools that this little guy so desperately needs. 

Jazmin's Flat Stanley flew to Washington to visit my friend Angie. She introduced Stanley to the cold snow!

Cassandra's Flat Stanley flew to Washington D.C. to visit Brianne. She showed him around the dock and the boats.

Cristian's Flat Stanley flew to North Carolina to visit our friend Ryan who is in the Air Force.  He sent a lot of goodies back for Cristian including patches, stickers, cotton freshly picked, and a drink that is made only in North Carolina. So cute.

March 20, 2012


Thanks for all of your sweet messages yesterday!
It has been a HUGE shock but we are getting a little more excited every day.

(I think this picture is hilarious. My face is like total disbelief. Nick looks happier than can be. And Reagan is like "what the heck are we taking pictures for"- totally not cooperating for the pic, but instead lounging on me!)

Nick and I decided to go off the pill and "try" for Baby #2 after New Years.
Pretty much all of January I was EXHAUSTED! Like more than I've ever felt in my life.. I remember blogging about it and a couple of you said "Maybe you are preggo?". But I thought pregnancy exhaustion didn't / wouldn't hit till later  so I dismissed the idea. 

I took a pregnancy test on the earliest day the test said I could- a Friday. And it said "Negative". 
We were disappointed but knew many friends really struggling with infertility that we knew this was not a big deal. It would happen when God was ready.

Monday and Tuesday were crazy days at school and I was ready for a "me" day.  So I took Wednesday off from school.  I had lunch with my sister and baby Charlotte and I told her how I felt queezy and still hadn't gotten my period. She said we should go home and take another test. So off I went to pee in a cup and then fed my sweet niece her bottle.  I was pretty positive it would be negative again, so I was pretty nonchalant. As I finished up Charlotte's bottle I walked into the bathroom and found the test saying "Positive". 

That afternoon my Mom, Meg, and I ran some errands and tried to figure out a cute way to tell Nick I was pregnant. I ended up getting 2 little ducks (for Nick and I) and a cake.  I also made a little sign saying "We are two lucky ducks".  I put it in the fridge and waited for Nick to get home. When Nick got home I asked him to bring me a drink from the fridge- and surprise!

My pregnancy thus far has been horrible. It has been way worse than with Reagan. (Should have seen some flashing lights there!) We had our first Dr. Appointment at 8 weeks.  When the Dr. asked me how I was feeling and such, I told her how it was worse than I remembered. I told her how I feel exhausted all the time and nauseous 24/7. She laughed and joked, "Maybe you're having twins".  To which I responded, "you better not be jinxing me". Fast forward to the ultrasound and boom- TWINS. I think I said "Oh my Gosh" about 50 times and Nick just sat there silent.

Everything checked out great. The babies were measured at exactly the same stage and had healthy heartbeats.  They each had their own sac, which makes them most-likely fraternal and not identical.

After the ultrasound the Dr. shifted gears and said that this would be a totally different kind of pregnancy.  Each Dr. appt. would last 2x as long, I now have to see her plus a multiple specialist, and I would have "double the fun" of morning sickness and exhaustion. Awesome.  She also told me that I probably wont be able to work next year. There was a lot of information being thrown our way that we honestly never in thought about.  We left the Dr. appointment and I burst into tears.  We went to my mom's house to pick up Reagan and she saw me crying.  She assumed that I had probably had a miscarriage and was shocked when we told her the news of twins.  We couldn't think of anyone on my side of the family with twins. (Turns out we were able to trace someone far off down the family tree- but still.... pretty random!)

We've had some time for the news to really settle in. And it has been difficult. Nick and I are big planners and this throws our "life plan" completely off.  It has reminded me that God is in control- not me. My family has been amazing and have already volunteered time, money, supplies. Not to mention endless hugs and crying phone calls. My friends and also been super supportive with flowers, positive outlooks, and support. We are getting used to the idea and know that it will all work out. 
Yes, our life will change. 
But we are blessed.

March 19, 2012

Want to know my secret?

Well friends.
You may have guessed it.
I've been totally MIA from Blogland, exhausted beyond belief, and sicker than all get-out.

I'm pregnant!

Want to know more?

I'm pregnant with TWINS!

March 16, 2012

Our Spring Break

Spring Break is totally coming to an end. Tear.
Here is a run down of what we've been up to:

We went to our friend Peyton's 2nd Birthday Party
Jenny did a fabulous job and everyone had a great time!

Reagan and I took Lily to get groomed, ran errands, and joined Nick at my sister's house for their annual March Madness Draft Party.
 I pretty much suck at drafting... so I just stayed with the kids in the living room. Reagan was so cute and would copy everything I did with Charlotte with his Woody doll. Here is is burping him. ha!

My mom, Meg, and I loaded up the kids and went to IKEA. We were looking for furniture for Reagan's "Big Boy Bedroom". We are excited to upgrade him soon!! 

After IKEA we went to buy Reagan some new shoes and then grabbed lunch at Sauce.

This was a pretty lazy day for us. Reagan just wanted to hang around the house and I was totally okay with that. We watched movies, played in the backyard, and cleaned.  That afternoon my mom picked up Reagan to take him to Nordstroms to get some more shoes. 

Nick took off Thursday and Friday to spend some time with us.
So yesterday we took Reagan to the World Wildlife Zoo. Reagan and Nick had never been before, so it was really fun. It's a huge zoo/aquarium and we were all exhausted afterwards!

Today we are hanging out and hopefully running errands later. I need to upgrade my phone (I wish an IPhone.. but I think we are going to have to get something cheaper. Tear.) We also need to go look at mattresses for Reagan's bed. But little man is complaining about his ears hurting again. Damn ear infections.

This Weekend
We are having Nick's Mom over to celebrate her birthday on Saturday. And I have a bunch of school work that I put off all week to do!

In other news.... we are currently obsessing over the show Boardwalk Empire from Netflix. Have any of you watched it? So good!  We just finished Big Love. I loved that show but was pretty blah about the series finale..

March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's been awhile since I have linked up with Jamie for her weekly "What I'm Loving...."

So here goes....

I am LOVING that it is Spring Break!
Spring Break always comes at the absolute best time. Like when I the kids and I are soooo ready for a break from each other and if I have to teach another day I think my head will explode. So thank the Lord it has arrived and we all have our heads.

I'm LOVING the AMAZING weather here in Scottsdale. Perfect for Spring Break. Its been 80 daily. Gorgeous! I need to schedule in some "sun time" to try and get a tan going on.

I'm LOVING my awesome family.  Having my sister still on maternity leave with baby Charlotte and mom just living down the street, we have seen each other every day this break. So fun! We've been doing a lot of shopping/running around! 
(Can you believe how big my sweet niece is getting?)

I'm LOVING  my wonderful friends. 
They have been so supportive and loving that I feel lucky to have them.

I'm LOVING being home with my sweet little man this week. 
He is talking so much and his logic cracks me up. The things that  come out of his mouth are hilarious. This is such a fun age!!

I'm LOVING that we were able to see my Mother in Law last weekend.  
She is doing great and is so happy to be back at home.  The boys had a blast playing together while the grown ups chatted.

What are you loving this week? 

March 11, 2012

6 years?!?!

Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary.
I can't believe it's been 6 years!

Here are a couple of old blog posts you may be interested in reading, 
if you want to know more about us! 

Happy Anniversary to my love! :)

March 10, 2012

Flat Stanley 2012 Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of our Flat Stanley trips, click here!

Briana' Flat Stanley flew to Australia to visit my sweet friend Kate. She is a flight attendant and took him on a flight and to the Australian beach. She also sent a gazillion books for the class. She is amazing.

Angel's Flat Stanley flew to Japan to visit one of my sorority sisters. Her hubby plays professional basketball over there. She showed the kids what the popular toys and food are over there. Very cool!

Kenia's Flat Stanley went to India to visit another of my sorority sisters, Nicci. Nicci took him to some of the cool art areas in her city.

The class sent another Flat Stanley to Chandler, Arizona to visit a friend and old teammate of mine. Amy is a teacher as well and Stanley had a great time at her class!

Karen's Flat Stanley flew to visit my sorority sister Natalie in San Diego. Natalie and her hubby took him on some pretty fun adventures! I love when my friends get so creative! She also sent Karen back some pretty sea shells and goodies from the beach!

Raul's Flat Stanley flew to my friend Holly's Mom in South Dakota. Her family owns a snowmobile shop and they showed Stanley all the cool things you can do in the snow! She also spoiled rotten and sent him a remote control car. 

Tiffany's Flat Stanley went to Texas to visit my sorority sister Erin. She is a pediatrician and he came to work with her.  She gave Flat Stanley a shot and a lollipop for being good. She also sent Tiffany a book about the human body and the class a box of cute band aids and lollipops. Too cute!

There are still more!
But I will save them for another blog post! 
Hope you have enjoyed our travels! :)