March 30, 2012

Lately in First Grade and Flat Stanley Part 3

Last week in our class we studied oviparous animals.
(One of my favorite units!)

I didn't take many pictures of our activities throughout the week, but I did snap a few of our oviparous animal reports.  I had the kids break up into groups depending on what oviparous animal they wanted to research.  Each group did a little research at their table using nonfiction books, while my intern and I called students over to our computers to research some more.  The kids were great "little reporters". The students took their research notes into a report and boy did they do a great job.  After the report was written the kids made paper pictures of their animals. They turned out so creative and cute!

This week during science we studied Spring.
Here are some sweet Spring Poems using their 5 senses.

And another Flat Stanley update:
Erick's Flat Stanley flew to Tucson, Arizona where it visited my friend Ashley.  She and her hubby took Stanley on a hike through the desert!

Marisol's Flat Stanley flew to Dallas, Texas to visit my sorority sister Lizzie.  Lizzie took him to a concert, a hibachi restaurant, and a John Paul Gaultier exhibit. 

Lisette's Flat Stanley flew to Illinois to visit my sorority grand dot.  She is a news anchor and always does an awesome job.  She always puts him on the news and sends a video for the kids to watch.  They LOVED it.

Jacob's Flat Stanley flew to Texas to visit one of my bridesmaids and sorority sister's Lindsey.  She took him to her school and made an awesome book of their adventures.  She also sent Jacob new books and other learning tools that this little guy so desperately needs. 

Jazmin's Flat Stanley flew to Washington to visit my friend Angie. She introduced Stanley to the cold snow!

Cassandra's Flat Stanley flew to Washington D.C. to visit Brianne. She showed him around the dock and the boats.

Cristian's Flat Stanley flew to North Carolina to visit our friend Ryan who is in the Air Force.  He sent a lot of goodies back for Cristian including patches, stickers, cotton freshly picked, and a drink that is made only in North Carolina. So cute.

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I love teaching about oviparous animals too!

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