March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I am truly so thankful for all of the blessings I have been given.

Here are a few things I am thankful for today:

I'm thankful for my sweet husband. He is working so hard and continues to be supported and thanked at work. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. There may be more good changes in his future.

I'm thankful for all of the sweet loved ones who celebrate birthdays this month. My Mother in Law celebrated a birthday earlier this month. And this week alone- my Mom, Father in Law, Older Sister, and Brother in Law all celebrated birthdays!! Happy Birthday to you all! We love you!

I'm thankful for the 2 amazing years God has blessed us with. Reagan is growing into such a big boy and I can't imagine my life without his hugs and giggles.

April 3, 2009
April 3, 2010

March 27, 2011

Our Weekend


After school Friday, we went to my parents' house to meet up with my Aunt Marty and Uncle David. They drove up from Tucson for the weekend and they are always so much fun! We caught up and they gave Reagan some early birthday gifts.

He got Buzz flip flops, Buzz swim top, Buzz swim shorts, a Toy Story beach towel, and Buzz sunglasses! He will be set for the pool this summer!

We then went to The Bamboo Club for a delicious dinner. Reagan was sort of behaved. Lordy, it is hard to do things with this child on Friday nights after a long week of school!


Saturday Nick joined my Dad, Uncle, and BIL golfing. So Meg and I tried to have productive morning. We went to Hobby Lobby to get some last minute things for Reagan's party, made tissue paper pompoms, and the last few centerpieces.

After I layed Reagan down for a nap, I had a slight problem. Lily (Our Maltese/Shiszu) had pooped in the house when my Aunt came over and I had thrown it in the toilet but never flushed. So after I layed Reagan down, I went to the bathroom and saw it. I thus flushed it and walked to the laundry room to switch over the clothes. When I came back to my bedroom, I noticed my bathroom was totally flooded. Like a good 2 inches of water in the bathroom area, going into the bedroom and closet . I ran to try and stop the toilet but couldn't figure it out. I ran around the house and garage looking for a plunger (how do we not have a plunger?!?). Ahhh. So I called my Mom (who lives down the street). She answers the phone full on singing a Lady Gaga song (we were going to see her in concert that night).... I have to yell "Stop- I need help!" just to get her to simmer down! She and my Aunt come speeding over with towels and a plunger. We were able to stop the running toilet but couldnt plunge it. We called Nick who had just finished golfing. Nick, my Dad, and Uncle all show up and I am completely mortified. I wanted them to all know I had not pooped or anything to do this- it was Lily. But they didn't quite believe a dog poop could have done that. Who knows. Long story short- Nick was able to put "the snake" down the toilet and clear the lines. Thank goodness. But seriously, how gross!

I was able to take a nap and get ready and then it was Gaga time!

My Mom, Aunt, Meg and I went to dinner and drinks before the concert.

Then went to the arena to grab our seats and have some more of a pre-party. We had so much fun dancing and laughing with new friends.

Then the concert started and it was amazing. We saw her in August with the same tour and LOVED it (hence why we were back!) It was pretty much the same but she added a couple of new songs which was fun. If you haven't seen her in concert- go! While she is a little out there, she is the BEST entertainer. The concert started at 8:30 and we didnt leave until midnight! AMAZING!


Ok, I'm super embarassed to say it. I was supposed to go to a friend's baby shower this morning but I totally couldn't go! I was too hungover from last night! I haven't partied like that in a LONG time! Wow. It was fun but I was paying for it! So I've been sleeping all morning. I need to try and eat something and then start school work... wow. I think I officially know I am not 21 anymore!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

March 25, 2011

Thursday was quite a day....

I meant to write this post last night but was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d!

But I know many of my followers are teachers (so I had to share)!

Thursday. 2:00pm. My first graders were logging off the computers in the lab when "ring, ring, ring"- the fire alarm began to scream. We hurried outside to line up against the fence. I took a head count and remembered one of my little guys was in the bathroom. Our admins. always walk the school and make sure all kids are accounted for during these drills/alarms. I told our Assistant Principal that my little guy was in the boys bathroom and she ran to get him. She said she could smell a stinky poo as she neared the bathroom.... she popped her head in and called his name. In his very strong Spanish accent, he told her he was pooping. She told him to hurry, that it wasn't a drill. He told her that he "could feel it coming, he wasn't done", etc.
time out-
while this is going on the fire department has shown up and were told that the alarm triggered was in the same building as the bathroom he was in. My kids and I were lined up near the front of the school and saw the fire truck arrive, the fire man rush in, etc. It registered to them that our little classmate was in the bathroom. Their minds raced- all the sudden they were screaming that their friend was stuck in the fire.
back to the bathroom-
The Assistant Principal told him to hurry and wipe (all she knew was he needed to get out of the bathroom pronto). She said she could see his little legs, pants pulled completely down, with spiderman undies pulled down. He calmly told her that "he couldn't wipe because he wasn't done pooping yet"....This went on for a little bit more... Finally he came out like "whats the big deal?" haha... Lordy!
back to my class-
All of the sudden someone in my class remembers our caterpillars. (Our caterpillars had just arrived that day). So more hysteria continued as they freaked out that our "caterpillars were burning". Oh boy.

Finally we hear that it was an electrical problem and there was no fire at all! Thank goodness! But unfortunately the alarm continued to ring (sooo freaking loud) for the next hour. I tried my darndest to tell the kids that it was like their alarm clocks going off, not a fire...but they still were on edge. I had lots and lots of tears. It's moments like this you remember just how little first graders are! Anyway- quite an afternoon!

Oviparous Animal Week

This week my first graders have been learning about oviparous animals.
Here are some of this things we've been up to:
We read many books including some great nonfiction and some funny fiction books about animals who lay eggs.

The kids sorted pictures of animals.

They wrote about and illustrated about oviparous animals.

The kids picked their favorite oviparous animal to create using construction paper, researched it's egg, and wrote about it.

I thought they did a really great job!
I also made their math stations "egg stations".

1) In each egg were coins. The kids had to add the money and write the amount.2) They had to follow the pattern rules and color.3) Predict what was in the eggs and then check. 4) Sort even/odd number ducks. 5) Egg addition
I also sent home a plastic egg for the kids to fill with something silly. The next day we shared our eggs by reading the poem and sharing our eggs.

The class always thinks this is so funny.
Here is an example of something silly one of the kids brought.

My class is an ELL class and part of our day is focussed on Oral Language Development. Each week I give the class a nursery rhyme to learn and recite. Obviously this week we did " Humpty Dumpty". They loved it.
Today the kids made their own Humpty Dumpty pictures to help remember the rhyme.

It was a very busy week but they loved it!

March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Whooohooo!! Another Wednesday! We are half-way to the weekend!


I'm Loving the gorgeous weather we are having. I seriously can't get enough!


I'm Loving that this week my class is learning about oviparous animals. It is one of my favorite weeks with the kiddos. I will post more about it later, but here is a picture of one of the things we have been doing.


I'm Loving that my sweet friend is finally getting her Etsy gift I ordered for her shower.... (remember how it never arrived and she had to mail a new one?) How cute did it turn out tho? Love! (Ps- She is a Disney fanatic- so this is perfect!)


I'm Loving that this weekend is sooo close! My fave Aunt and Uncle are coming to visit! My Mom, Sister, and Aunt are going to see Lady Gaga on Sat. night. SO EXCITED. Yes, this is my 2nd Lady Gaga concert in 8 months. Totally a "monster"! I also am excited to celebrate a sweet friend at her baby sprinkle on Sunday.


I'm Loving my sweet boy Reagan! He is seriously at such a fun age and I could eat him to pieces!


I'm Loving that my hubby and I are FINALLY both feeling healthy again. I swear- we've been hit hard lately with the sick bugs!


I'm Loving that Reagan's 2nd Birthday is next weekend! I love parties!

Heres a peek :

What are you loving today?

Link up with Jamie and play along! XXOO

March 20, 2011

Spring Break is Over....

Another Spring Break is over my friends... boo!!
I swear- it goes sooo fast!
What's the countdown till summer? Lordy!
We spent the last day of break celebrating Chase's 1 year birthday.
He is Sarah's (my sorority sisters/college roomates/bridesamaid) son.

Here we are with our boys.
Sarah and Chase Reagan and Chase playing hard

Reagan actually didn't have a nap today! I can't believe he is still hanging on! Hes just finishing up some dinner and milk and then hopefully will have a GREAT night's sleep. I have to get my mind back into "school" mode. I brought home my school bag and laptop but really didn't get much school work done. Thats okay by me. My goal was to spend quality time with Reagan.... and that I think was a success!