March 20, 2011

Spring Break is Over....

Another Spring Break is over my friends... boo!!
I swear- it goes sooo fast!
What's the countdown till summer? Lordy!
We spent the last day of break celebrating Chase's 1 year birthday.
He is Sarah's (my sorority sisters/college roomates/bridesamaid) son.

Here we are with our boys.
Sarah and Chase Reagan and Chase playing hard

Reagan actually didn't have a nap today! I can't believe he is still hanging on! Hes just finishing up some dinner and milk and then hopefully will have a GREAT night's sleep. I have to get my mind back into "school" mode. I brought home my school bag and laptop but really didn't get much school work done. Thats okay by me. My goal was to spend quality time with Reagan.... and that I think was a success!


Leah said...

Some of my best weekends involve not opening my school bag!

Jamie said...

Cute pictures! Hope you're having a great week back :)

Victoria said...

he is such a little man in the plaid shirt and jeans!!!!So happy you had a great spring break with your son!!!

Anonymous said...

Such cuties!! How fun that you're hanging out with your sorority sisters and your little ones!