March 3, 2011


Tomorrow is Friday .... Thank the Lord!
It has been quite a week.
I am still sick (week 4 , really? This is getting absurd!)
I went to Urgent Care Monday after school and saw the same Dr. I saw there 2 weeks ago (remember- a sinus infection?) After paying $50 and waiting forever.... he was the biggest jerk! He basically told me that I needed to let this baby run it's coarse... (4 weeks- I think it's run doc). He refused to give me any meds other than cough drops and ranted on about how people are too dependent on antibiotics, zpacks, etc.
So I went home , still feeling crummy.
Tuesday was no better so I called out a half day and went to see my mom's doctor. (Why didnt we think of this sooner?) She was so nice and understanding. Bronchitis and another sinus infection. She gave me a zpack and cough syrup with codene. She also gave me a list of vitamins that I should have daily since I am a teacher. My immune system was basically shot and I needed lots of rest. Anyway. Took off Weds. from work and literally slept all day. (Aside from the hour my mom came over to make me chicken noodle soup and bring me a starbucks strawberry drink- love those). I was super bummed to miss Dr. Seuss' birthday with my first graders!! But I knew I would only make it worse if I went.
A big thank you to all the teacher blogs out there who posted Dr. Seuss activities.... I have gotten lots of ideas and filed them away for next year! You girls rock!


ashleigh said...

good to know that you are feeling better! i also have a sinus infection/inner ear infection; sucky! and i always get bronchitis and have it for months =[ so i know how you feel! hope youre feeling better!

That one girl said...

Wow, so glad you went to a different doctor. That is what I preach to my friends when they are unhappy. People feel so STUCK. Get lots of rest and feel better soon!

Hayley said...

boo for you feeling bad still. hope you were able to rest and hope you get to feeling better!

Ashley said...

Soooo sorry you are sick! Hannah and I just got the flu and being sick is NO FUN! Hope you get well soon ;)

Teresa said...

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Tickled Pink said...

Thanks everyone!! XXOO

Hadar said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I had bronchitis last year too! worst thing ever! but once I got medicine I was better in no time! hopefully you feel better soon :)