March 5, 2011

23 Months Old!

I can't believe Reagan is almost 2!

Everyone always says it, but it's sooooo true. They grow WAY too fast! Seems like just yesterday I was pregnant! Every day is a new adventure and it just keeps getting better and better. I never, ever, ever x a billion wanted a little boy. I always wanted 3 girls. But that wasn't in my cards. I was nervous beyond all get out to have a boy. What did I know about trucks and mud? Nada. But I am learning and I must admit it's kind of fun.

Here are some tidbits about what he is doing lately as we celebrate his 23rd month!
Reagan loves to run. He doesn't walk anywhere.

He falls a lot, but surprisingly doesn't get worked up. (Me on the otherhand....)

He would rather be outside than do anything else. So now that the weather is becoming so beautiful again- you will find us most often in the backyard.
In the backyard you can find him drawing with sidewalk chalk, racing up and down the grassy hills screaming from the top of his lungs, driving his cozy coupe around the sidewalk, playing in the sandbox and somehow getting sand in every crevice known to man, crashing his powerwheels harley, talking to the bushes, chasing the dogs, trying to push the trees down (he yells "stuck!!"- well, duh!), and laying on his tummy watching bugs. Pure entertainment.
He is big into winking. I tried to upload the video but it's taking forever! (Any tricks?)
He is also big into saying "thank you". It's so adorable but it is becoming quite overused. He will hand you everything in sight and say "thank you". He doesn't really understand that WE are supposed to say it when he gives us something, oh well!
Reagan was promoted to room 4 at his school. He is now with the early 2 year olds. I cried. Yes. I know. Issues. His old teachers laughed and told me I am going to be going through this a lot in his life and should probably get ready!
Reagan loves to give hugs lately. He will push Nick and I together and then get in between our legs and say "HUG!". Melts my heart!
Here is a pic of Reagan "painting" his toenails. I love it. This night he insisted on "painting" all of my fingers and toes after he did his. Such a little mimic.
As I write this I can't help but sing that country song "Dont' blink". It's so true!!


Hayley said...

Yes it is so true! My little preemies are so not preemies anymore! Just blows my mind how fast they grow!!! Happy 23 months sweet boy! And congrats on being moved up to room 4!!!

Victoria said...

aaaahhhh! The little man is just getting cuter and cuter, and he is as smart as a whip! You and Nick are doing a great job parenting! Much love to you both!

Jamie said...

Awww Reagen is just SO sweet!

2sylly said...

I think I told you that little boys are the best. Now you know why I was content with my 2. He is such a love!

Mrs. Mama said...

awww what a sweetheart! can't believe he will be 2! that is so crazy!

Lindsey said...

your blog is darling! and what a little cutie you have:)

good job with the comment pop-up box! ;)