January 2, 2013

The Twins at 3 Months

Happy 3 months Harper and Hudson!
I can not believe on the 27th they turned 3 months old already.
Time is seriously flying by.

The babies are really starting to fill out and look like babies!
This week I am finally putting away newborn clothes. I can't believe you were wearing them this long! ( I think Reagan only wore newborn sizes for a week or 2! ) This week we have also upped your bottles to 5 ounces each.  They are still half breast milk and half formula. I haven't stretched out your feedings yet though. You still are eating every 3 hours during the day.

It's fun to see them interacting now too. When the babies are lying next to each other Harper moves like crazy. It's just like when they were in my belly. Poor Hudson just lays there and Harper kicks him, grabs him, hits him, etc. No wonder the poor kid came out with bruises on him! She was beating him up in there! I'm sure one day he will start kicking back!

Dear Harper,

You are still my sweet, calm girl. You are so content and love just watching the world around you. I love how you talk and talk to us, especially after you eat.  The pitch of your voice changes, you use hand motions, and your eyes "talk" as well.  It is so funny. You grunt and get really excited when you see your bottle or bib. You love to eat! You are an amazing sleeper.  You have been sleeping through the night for weeks. We lay you down at 9:00 pm after your dinner feeding and sleep until around 8 am the next morning. I'm so glad you are a great sleeper. You simply adore your big brother Reagan. Whenever he comes in your line of vision you get the biggest smile and usually laugh. He gets so excited and says "Harper showed me a smile. She sure loves me!" You love to play - you hold and swing the hanging toys on your play mat, shake rattles, and love on your dolly. Probably one of my favorite things about you right now though is the way you hold your hands.  You are so dainty and rest your hands like you are praying. It is so precious.  I ask Reagan what you are praying about and he says "Thank you God for my big brother Rea Rea." I love it. You still flash me smiles but I have yet to capture it on film! Whenever I grab the camera or phone you stare it down! When will I capture your smile pretty girl? 

Dear Hudson, 

You are such a Mama's boy. You are definitely the needy one of the two. You love to be held and just nuzzle in. You love to smile and do it all the time. You have just recently started talking to us.  Your sister was always making the noise and you have finally chimed in! You love tummy time and love to look all around.  You have the best angry face. It makes me laugh so hard. You rub your eyes when you get sleepy and hold your binky in place when you sleep. You have just recently discovered how to use your hands to play. You love to swing the play toys on your play mat and just stare at them spin. You are getting to a better napper but still prefer to nap in the swing.  You just had your first real night of sleeping in your crib (you slept from 9-5). But most nights you wake up at 3 am and come snuggle in bed with me so you don't wake up your sister. It's a good thing you are so cute because you certainly are a handful! 


Murdock's mama said...

Wow...they're getting so big! LOVE it! :)

Adam was just telling me last night that I need to get Jordyn a little pb chair like your kids have. Does Reagan still use his? I'm just cheap! I want to make sure if I spend the money that she'll actually use it for a while! ;)

Lauren said...

Your kiddos are so precious! I have a 2 month old little boy who just loves to snuggle...so much so that crib sleeping seems out of the question right now. He sleeps in a sleeper next to our bed and I am having the hardest time wanting to transition him to his own room. I'm sure once I go back to my teaching job I'll be changing my tune!

Amanda said...

So sweet! Enjoy those babies, they grow so quickly!! (: