January 9, 2013

The Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

You may remember that my parents gifted the three older grand kids a trip to Disneyland for Christmas.
It was such a wonderful present that the kids can't wait for!

Click on the above video to watch.

My mom asked me to help with the actual "giving" of the gift and you know me- 
I jumped right on that!

I decided that Sadie and Sawyer were at a great age to do a scavenger hunt and being the sweet cousins they are, I knew that they would help Reagan along the way.

Here is what I did in case you ever want to do something similar as a gift.
I first typed up all the clues and numbered them.
I put the first clue in a Christmas bag and placed it under the tree. 
The other clues I hid around the house (as per the clues) when no one was paying attention.
My parents got a big box and put a large Mickey Mouse balloon in it earlier that day. When no one was looking they put the box/balloon in the laundry room (as per the clue) and covered it with a towel or something.

Here are the clues:

"You present from Mimi and Papa this year , stated quite simply isn't here. Not under the tree where it's easy to see. But hidden somewhere ... oh where could it be? To find your gift, you'll have to look.  Maybe you should start where Jocelyn likes to cook."

The kids then ran to the kitchen and looked in all of the cabinets to find the next clue.

"Ta-Da you found me!
Let's try it again.
Find your next clue where Sadie keeps her pen."

The kids all ran upstairs to my niece's desk where she keeps her pens.

"What good detectives you are!
Your next clue isn't hidden too far.
You use this to keep your teeth squeaky clean.
It gives you a smile like a king or a queen."

The kids next ran to the nearby bathroom and found the clue near the toothbrushes.

"I wonder where your next clue lies.
You three kids are giving it your best tries.
Find something white that comes on a roll.
You usually find it near a toilet bowl."

The looked near the toilet in that same bathroom but then ran to the master bathroom.

"Your getting close to finding your gift.
To find your next clue you better be swift.
The box is hiding where you keep the broom.
Go find it and bring it to the living room.

Be careful when opening it and make sure you all can see why this gift is so special it couldn't be left under the tree."

Inside the box was the large balloon.
I had also made 3 totally dinky tickets with the kids' names on them.

I tried and tried to find cute ticket templates but couldn't!

I also made a little sign.

The kids are so excited for their trip and I'm glad I could help! 


KRISTIN said...

What an amazing idea! And how exciting R gets to go to Disney!!! I was just talking to J about what age we should take Kenley...I want to take her now. :) I LOVE Disney World & Land!

Victoria said...

Tank you so very much for ALL your help with this gift!!! You helped make it so very special and one I hope thy will always remember! I love you and love all the creativity you have!!! Mom

Anita Tizol said...

Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I have been looking for something like this to help surprise my 2 boys (7 & 9) for Christmas with their first trip to Disney World. This is EXACTLY what I am going to do :)

total12 said...

The other clues I hid around the house (as per the clues) when no one was paying attention.photo scavenger hunt ideas