September 26, 2011

Meg's Gender Reveal Party

This weekend I hosted a gender reveal party for my younger sister Megan.
It was so much fun to throw!
Some background info for you guys with questions:
Meg went to her ultrasound at 18 weeks and had the Dr. write down the baby's gender in an envelope with a photo without telling Meg and Shaun what the baby was. (She actually had her write it in two envelopes!) Then she dropped them off at my house.
My mom took 1 of the envelopes to the baker who then opened it and used it to color the filling in the cake (pink for girl/blue for boy). I kept the other envelope for the party.
My parents were doing a lot of traveling and with football schedules and such we had to wait for the reveal party.  Poor Meg and Shaun had to wait for a month longer - such troopers!

The party was yesterday afternoon. I invited family and close friends to find out with Meg and Shaun what the baby would be!

The Decor

Team Boy

Team Girl

Sweet Cousins

I played  an "Old Wives Tale" game.

The game predicted "boy".

Both of the baby's Grandmas.
They each predicted a different gender!

What will it be?!?!

Pink filling! It's a GIRL!
(At this point I ran into the den to check the other envelope.... couldn't 100 percent trust the baker! But she was right!)

Time to pop the bubbly!

And enjoy some cake!

Here is the gift I got the baby.

Congrats Meg and Shaun.
I'm beyond happy to have a new, baby niece to spoil rotten!!

September 24, 2011

This week....

This week was another busy one (really though, when are they not!?) Our reading anthology story was "All that Corn" so we learned all about how corn goes from the field to our house. We usually tie in a lot of farming during our social studies this week but with all of my ELD requirements and my focus on math it was really hard to fit much in this week!
Here is what we did though:
On Monday I had an ear of corn in my mystery box and the kids had to make guesses as to what it was (oral language practice). Then we passed it around and the kids got to touch the corn, peel the husk, and examine the kernals. This was very cool for my firsties because only 1 of them had ever seen an ear of corn before (crazy, right?).

We made farm crop flipbooks.
We ended the week with talking about the best thing you can do with kernals of corn- pop them! I've done this for years , but got the brilliant idea of popping it on the floor with the kids from Rachel, my friend and former student teacher. The kids went absolutely bizerk having the kernals fly out. Love it.

Last night was our school district's annual Duel in the Desert. It's a fun way to unwind with your friends and get some school spirit going. Unfortunately everyone (including myself) was exhausted and it ended up kinda being a bust for our school. Only a handful of us went and boy were we ready to get points and head home!
Today we went to a birthday party for one of my oldest and sweetest friends Megan's son. He turned 4 and celebrated it "Superhero Style" at Peter Piper Pizza. It was fun to catch up with her and some friends I hadn't seen in awhile and the boys had a blast playing games and eating pizza and cake!

Thanks for having us Megan! Now... off to the grocery store to prepare for tomorrow's big Gender Reveal Party!! xxoo

September 19, 2011

Monday, Monday

Hi friends!

It's Monday night and I'm pooped.

It was a long Monday at our school. The AC was broken and my building was shooting out the heat. Oh ya. On top of that, we had a lock down drill. Awesome.

In other news, I thought I'd pop on over to the blog and give you a few pics from the weekend.

Saturday we went to the neighborhood bar...err...sports-dining establishment to cheer on our Arizona State SunDevils with friends. Yes. We brought Reagan. Standard.

Sunday we all went to see The Lion King (2D). I was a little nervous after the Cars 2 diaster but we loaded Reagan up with the kid's popcorn/icee combo and he was golden. He sat and enjoyed the WHOLE movie. No freaking way.


September 17, 2011

Apple Week

This week our first graders learned all about apples. We labeled the parts of the apple, sequenced how the apple tree grow, sequenced how apples go from the orchards to the store, had an apple taste test, graphed our results, made apple sauce, etc. A very busy week to say the least! Here are some pictures from our adventures!

Apple Investigations

Including apple prints,

weighing our apples, exploring our apples,

and counted apple seeds.

We wrote apple poems.

We taste-tested apples and graphed our results.

We also made applesauce .