September 6, 2011

Our Labor Day Weekend

What a wonderful 3 day weekend we had.

It was sooooooooooo relaxing. I'm not kidding. So chill and exactly what was needed.

Friday Night

We went out to dinner with my family to wish them bonvoyage on their trip. Yummy Mexican food is always alright in my book. Then we went to Best Buy to buy a couple new movies for Reagan. Friday night's movie was "Babe". Do you all remember that one? "That'll do pig, that'll do". Aww so cute.


Saturday we got up early to take my car to the dealership to get the Reagan's door/lock fixed. This child loves to break everything .... grr... 250 dollars later.... We grabbed a little breakfast at IHOP , dropped off Nick's car to get his tires rotated and oil changed, and then we napped. A lot. I love naps.

Saturday night's movie was Rio. I LOVED IT! Probably more than Reagan, but still. So cute.


More naps! More playing. More laziness. Amazing.

love this

We bust out Reagan's Halloween costumes from the past 2 years. The baby pumpkin was obvi too small but we thought we'd try Elmo. Hilare. Too small. But we made it work.


We spent Labor Day with my inlaws. A little bbqing, swimming, and watching the little guys play was fun for all. Reagan came home exhausted! Success!

That night I got hit with a major migraine. For all those who have been reading my blog for awhile.. It had been a good 2 months migraine free! (I switched my birth control to the loseasonique (sp?) So I'm only supposed to get my period every 3 months.... which would hopefully be 1 migraine in 3 months. hmmmm.) But boy did it hit me hard last night! It stuck with me this morning and I ended up calling out sick. Boo. It went away around noon and I was able to get some cleaning done around the house. My sister came over after her dr. appt to give me her ultrasound pictures! So excited. Can't wait for the big reveal.


Rachel said...

Fun weekend! Yay for a 4 day week, this week and next (kind of), see you at GAP!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend :)

Glad you're feeling better!

Amber said...

My hubby laughs at me because I always get more excited about the new animated movies than our 3 year old does:) I loved Rio! So cute! It's so funny that you busted out the halloween costumes because we are in halloween mode too! Jax has been choosing halloween books for his bedtime story for the past 2 nights. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Sorry about the migraine:(

Mrs. Pancakes said...

that last nap picture is too awesome!