September 17, 2011

Apple Week

This week our first graders learned all about apples. We labeled the parts of the apple, sequenced how the apple tree grow, sequenced how apples go from the orchards to the store, had an apple taste test, graphed our results, made apple sauce, etc. A very busy week to say the least! Here are some pictures from our adventures!

Apple Investigations

Including apple prints,

weighing our apples, exploring our apples,

and counted apple seeds.

We wrote apple poems.

We taste-tested apples and graphed our results.

We also made applesauce .


Rachel said...

I LOVE this! I'd love to do something similar if you're willing to share :)

Lulu said...

This is so precious! So many fun activities, with so many skills built in. You're such a good teacher, Mandy!

Mrs. Mama said...

oh how sweet!!!

Jamie said...

VERY cute! Your kiddos are always having the most fun in your class :)

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Cool class. Good thing Snow White's Old Witch didn't show up with a basket full.

Raven said...

um. homemade applesauce at school? Why didn't we ever get to do anything cool like that??

you are an awesome teacher. I bet you are the fave, huh?

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Love your apple unit!! I can't wait to get a full class where I can do thematic units like this. Although doing themes in just reading/writing is also fun :) I can't wait to do the applesauce in class, just for fun!!