September 19, 2011

Monday, Monday

Hi friends!

It's Monday night and I'm pooped.

It was a long Monday at our school. The AC was broken and my building was shooting out the heat. Oh ya. On top of that, we had a lock down drill. Awesome.

In other news, I thought I'd pop on over to the blog and give you a few pics from the weekend.

Saturday we went to the neighborhood bar...err...sports-dining establishment to cheer on our Arizona State SunDevils with friends. Yes. We brought Reagan. Standard.

Sunday we all went to see The Lion King (2D). I was a little nervous after the Cars 2 diaster but we loaded Reagan up with the kid's popcorn/icee combo and he was golden. He sat and enjoyed the WHOLE movie. No freaking way.



Emily said...

I hope your AC is fixed tomorrow!! Glad you guys made it through Lion King :)

Jamie said...

Yikes! I had that y'alls AC was out :( Hope you've had a great day!