September 30, 2010

Foo-ball Has Begun!

So, Nick has officially succeeded by creating a football fan in our son. Nick is a huge football addict. Reagan still still barely speaking a real language (only a few select words: Mamma, Dadda, dog, car, ball, uh-oh, wow, hi, bye) his new favorite word in his vocabulary?
Yep, foo ball, not football.

It's hysterical how much he says it. He sees the ASU mascot anywhere and goes "fooball". He sees the Green Bay Packers "G" symbol anywhere and says it. It's on TV pretty much non stop at our house and he runs around screaming it. I know, I know... I still need to get a video of it.

But here are some pictures of him from Monday night cheering on the Packers. We all went over to my parents house to eat dinner and cheer them on. Too bad our little mascot didn't help bring home a win!

My mom and dad got Reagan a sandbox. I have felt badly because he seems to be really anal of the sand. He touches it and immediately wipes off his hands and climbs out. So we keep trying it again and again. Tonight was a pretty successful night! Here are some pictures!

September 29, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Today I linked up with Jamie for her weekly "What I'm Loving Wednesday".

I'm Loving that today is Weds! Half-way through the work week. We have a fun weekend ahead and I am really looking forward to it. Saturday Reagan got invited to a birthday party for Jacob. Jacob's mom is one of my favorite friends who I happen to work with. And her son is such a cutie. You know I will post pics! And that night we have a suprise party to attend for our friend.

(Here is the four of us at Reagan's 1st birthday party)

I'm Loving that even though the temps have been over 100 here for awhile... the weatherman says next week should be cooler!!! Yahoo. Next Tuesday is supposed to be 88!

I'm Loving that next week if Parent Teacher Conference week. This means half days with the kiddos all week so we can meet with our families. I LOVE conferences. I have the sweetest families and I love to share their sucesses and give them things to help at home.

I'm Loving that the week AFTER conference week is FALL BREAK! That means a week with no school ...... a week with my baby!! I am so excited to do mommy things again!

(Us during my Fall Break last year. We were at the zoo. Look how chubby Reagan was!)

And last but not least I'm Loving these boys. (Taken 1 year ago)

What are you loving today?

September 25, 2010

All That Corn and other stuff

This week our anthology story was "All That Corn" which follows how corn goes from the farm to the factories to the stores to our homes. At the end of the story the little pops corn at home with her family. So , we ended our week popping our own corn.
I always love doing this with my class because most of the kids haven't seen/used an air popper. This year's class was no exception. They seriously SCREAMED when the popcorn started flying!

Here is the page where the little girl makes popcorn.
Here is my popper!

Happy and hungry kiddos!

Yesterday (Friday) our district had a conference for all of the teachers planned downtown. The kids had no school and all the teachers rode the light rail downtown. We got to take two different sessions/classes with other teachers from our district. In the morning I took a class on math problem solving strategies (very good!) and and ELL class (which was really nothing new). We also had a great lunch at Marlejes. Its always fun to eat lunch out like "normal working people" instead of our normal sack lunches!

Today Reagan and I ran some errands with my sister Meg. We went to Hobby Lobby to get some more Fall decor and then the mall. At the mall my sister bought Reagan new Buzz and Woody dolls. He was in HEAVEN! Such a sweet auntie!!

Sacked out after the mall with his two fave buddies.

Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

September 19, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today was a fun and busy day!
I met my sister and friends Sarah and Lisa for breakfast at Butterfields. It was my first time eating there although I had heard A.M.A.Z.I.N.G things about it. Sarah and I split the Chocolate Chip pancakes (to die for) and hash browns. It was great girl talk and a perfect breakfast.

After breakfast they all went to the movies and I went to get a pedicure. I haven't had one since school started and it felt heavenly. I read my book while the lady worked her magic.

After the pedi I came home to pick up Reagan. He and I had fun running errands. We went to TJ Max and Target to look for new Fall/Halloween decor for the house. I'm getting so excited for fall! I only found one thing to buy, but we had a great time anyway. Reagan was carrying his Buzz Lightyear with him and would "fly" him everywhere. It was so cute and everyone and their mother seemed to stop and chat with him.

After our errands I decided to take Reagan to get some frozen yogurt at Cherry on Top. We shared a strawberry froyo with oreos on top..... delish!

We then headed home where I started decorating the house. Nick is feeling under the weather so I took Reagan outside to play. We had a blast playing with the water table, his cozy coupe, and the sidewalk chalk. Its over 100 degrees and this kid LOVES to play outside. I cant wait for the weather to cool down so we can really spend time outside.

A side night... I forgot to blog about earlier-- On Friday I picked up Reagan from school and his teacher told me that he was in trouble for taking all of the toys from the other kids and hoarding them away from them. Little bully! So we have really been working on sharing. Hopefully he gets better at this!
Hope you all have a great week!!

September 18, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!!!!!

Toy Story has officially taken over our house!
Reagan's buddy Noah had his 3rd birthday party today. The theme was Toy Story. So in hope to have Reagan recognize the characters, etc I rented the first movie at the library. (I rented it first because Reagan has not been able to sit and actually watch a movie yet. The extent of him sitting had been about 15 min of Elmo.) But turns out HE LOVED IT! We watched it every day. So the other day Nick bought Reagan the first and second Toy Story movies. I feel like its the only thing on our tv lately. He also has gotten 2 toys ( a buzz and a hamm) that travel with us EVERYWHERE.
Anyways. Back to Noah's party.... Reagan was in Toy Story HEAVEN!

Here are some pics! My friend Megan did a great job and all of the kids and adults really enjoyed themselves! Thanks for having us Megan!

Reagan was obsessed with this life-size Buzz!

Megan's adorable alien cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

The boys playing with one of his new toys!

Sorry Jenny! I couldnt resist. Adorable!

September 17, 2010

Apple Week part 3

Today was the last day of our apple week.

We finished our unit by making applesauce.

I pre-cut and skinned 10 large apples at home last night.
Then when I got to school I added the rest of the ingredients.
1/2 cup of water
just about 1 cup of sugar
1 tsp of Cinnamon
And let it cook in the crock pot for 4 hours.

Our room smelled sooooo delicious!
And the kids had a great time!

Last the kids wrote the recipe for their families.
I'm excited but overwhelmed for this weekend:
1) We have fun things (Reagan's buddy is turning 3 and having a party and I'm going to a girls breakfast)
2) I have sooo much school stuff to work on!
Have a great weekend!!

September 15, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Today I linked up with Jamie to participate in What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that I came home last night to find my little man looking through our wedding pictures. How funny/adorable is that?

Im loving that Reagan is officially done with his Binky!! At 15 months we cut it out except for naps and bedtime. At 16 months we cut it out of naps and he was only using it at night in the crib. Then at this past Monday we decided to cut it out completely. Reagan did great! I'm so proud of him and us! He was such an addict!

I'm loving that Reagan is getting "into" football. When you say touchdown he throws his arms in the air and he says "foo-ball" constantly. So stinkin cute!

I'm loving that I have been taking random classes that our district is offering. Even though I've been teaching for awhile its great to hear new ideas and feel excited! Last night I took a class on teaching writing. It was very interesting!

I'm loving that after 6 years of teaching, I got my first invitation for a student's birthday party. His party is Saturday and I already have plans to attend a friend's son's birthday...but I was touched to get an invitation. (for those of you who follow me, the boy is the one who said " I love you soooo much" last week) I stopped at Toys R Us on the way home from work today to get him a present. I will somehow have to sneak it to his mom tomorrow without the other kids seeing. I dont want anyone to get jealous!

I'm loving that tonight is the finale of Big Brother. I'm rooting for Lane. Anyone else?

I'm loving that I have decided to make "better use of my time" and I checked out my first audio book at the library. I have been listening to Danielle Steele's "Big Girl" in the car as I drive to and from work this week. Its actually flying by. I feel so dorky, but it's actually been good!

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!

September 14, 2010

Apple Week pt2

Today was another busy and fun day in our class. Tuesdays are long days... I have NO specials (music, pe, etc.) so its me with the kiddos all day long. But this does give us lots of time for learning.

Today we had an apple taste test. We tried Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious. The kids examined and tasted the three different kinds, then chose their favorite.

We graphed our favorites.

And we illustrated an apple picture. On the picture we glued real apple seeds from our apples. The kids loved it.

Lastly the kids wrote poems about apples using describing words and their five senses.

September 13, 2010

I love Apple Week!

Every year in my class I do "Apple Week". It ties in nicely with the 5 senses and has rich vocabulary that the kids love using!

Today I brought every kid an apple. We examined our apples with magnifying glasses. We talked about all of the different parts of the apple. After our exploration the class labeled the parts of an apple.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon.

September 12, 2010

Here we go....

Yikes. I officially got my first sickness of the school year. Tues of last week I started to get a little cough/sore throat... nothing terribly bad! By Thursday I had no voice. Nada. Zilch. It was bad! But I figured I could teach through it. Turned out to be harder than I thought! 18 five and six year olds with a teacher who couldn't talk.... a little chaotic.
That night my college BFF Rebecca was flying into town and a bunch of our sorority sisters came over to my house to eat and gab. It was sooooooooo nice to see their beautiful faces and catch up. But.... it was a little hard with the no voice and feeling crappy. Oh well.

Friday I probably should have taken the day off but I decided not to. We had a big ice cream social for the staff that I needed to prepare for and I genuinely love my kiddos and didn't want to be away. By the end of the day I was death run over. After Nick and I ate some dinner I crashed and burned. Literally by 630 pm. I didn't wake up until after 8am the next day. I proceeded to sleep the day away. (Thank goodness Nick is super dad!) I woke up to do grade some reading tests and do some school work.... then back to bed it was.

I woke up this morning and decided to hit up the Urgent Care. I just couldn't do deal with the crappy throat/voice! So ... walked out with a Z-pack.. Sooo should have done this sooner! Anyways- I have another busy week in first grade , not to mention picture day tomorrow! So fingers crossed I start feeling better soon!!
Is anyone else as excited as I am for fall? I soooooooooooooo want it to be October. Lots to look forward to: football, cooler weather, trips to the zoo, our annual pumpkin carving party, Halloween, etc!

Love to you all!

September 11, 2010

Where I was....

A lot of you have been blogging about where you were on September 11th, 9 years ago.
I was a Sophomore at ASU, living in the sorority housing. My bff/roomate Rebecca's Mom called us to tell us to turn on the TV. (We were both sleeping). We were in shock. I called my Mom to talk/cry to her and most importantly ask about my Dad. He travels frequently and I wasnt sure where he was on this trip. Turns out he was traveling but not near the area. They closed the airways so he was stranded in another state but at least he was safe. I remember watching the footage in another sorority sister's room pretty much all day.

It was rush week and as it turned out that day was Bid Day. Our house still wore our planned outfits but added flag ribbons to our shirts. That night all of the sororities lit candles out front to honor those who were involved.

A teacher at my school posted on facebook today that yesterday she asked her 5th graders if they could tel her what September 11th is/was. They had no idea. Wow.

God Bless America.