September 30, 2010

Foo-ball Has Begun!

So, Nick has officially succeeded by creating a football fan in our son. Nick is a huge football addict. Reagan still still barely speaking a real language (only a few select words: Mamma, Dadda, dog, car, ball, uh-oh, wow, hi, bye) his new favorite word in his vocabulary?
Yep, foo ball, not football.

It's hysterical how much he says it. He sees the ASU mascot anywhere and goes "fooball". He sees the Green Bay Packers "G" symbol anywhere and says it. It's on TV pretty much non stop at our house and he runs around screaming it. I know, I know... I still need to get a video of it.

But here are some pictures of him from Monday night cheering on the Packers. We all went over to my parents house to eat dinner and cheer them on. Too bad our little mascot didn't help bring home a win!

My mom and dad got Reagan a sandbox. I have felt badly because he seems to be really anal of the sand. He touches it and immediately wipes off his hands and climbs out. So we keep trying it again and again. Tonight was a pretty successful night! Here are some pictures!


Mrs. Ruby said...

Sooooo cute! And soo hilarious: "Fooball". Oh boys, you gotta love em'!!! :)

Heather said...

So precious and he is so cute. What a little stud! I love how at this age they take ordinary words and make them sound so cute!