September 13, 2010

I love Apple Week!

Every year in my class I do "Apple Week". It ties in nicely with the 5 senses and has rich vocabulary that the kids love using!

Today I brought every kid an apple. We examined our apples with magnifying glasses. We talked about all of the different parts of the apple. After our exploration the class labeled the parts of an apple.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon.


littledaisymay said...

What a fun little activity! I bet the kids love having you as their teacher :)

Anonymous said...

I love teaching about apples! We usually do it the week before fall break, and make applesauce in crockpots. That way the kids can learn to make recipes and it's great for science! These pics are so cute!

the pink prep said...

so fun! muffy did apple week last year and just loved tasting and charting all the apples. and between the 3 of us in our household, we all like different apples (fun for ME at the grocery store!) hope all is going well with your class. Muffy LOVES kindergarten more than anything. we're so happy with the school year so far!