September 5, 2010

Family Sunday

Today my family gathered at my parent's house. I headed over first while Nick stayed home with a napping Reagan. Lots of fun swimming and chatting with my sisters, brothers in law, and niece and nephew.Later Reagan and Nick joined us. Mom cooked a delicious linner and the kids all played. We also watched The Sound of Music that was on ABC Family. None of us had seen it in YEARS and we got so sucked in. We are all going to be singing those songs for days I'm sure!

Here are some of the pics I took:
The boys coloring in the fort we built.
Cousins! (Reagan 17 mo, Sadie 8, Sawyer, 6)

Sadie and Reagan

So thankful for my amazing family!

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Gladys said...

There's nothing like spending the day with family...:)