December 31, 2012

The last Celebration - Christmas #5

This weekend Nick's dad and step-mom came over with their little boy Cooper to celebrate Christmas.

Cooper and Reagan just adore playing with each other so it's always great to see them!

The boys played while we caught up, ate dinner, and opened presents.

Grandpa and Grandma with all the kids

Opening presents

Harper and Grandma Lisa

Hudson and Grandpa Bruce

Reagan and his Uncle Cooper playing with new toys

Being silly

Pretty Harper

Handsome Hudson

Reagan showing off the latest Christmas gifts- so lucky!

December was a crazy busy month and we were so blessed with friends and family.
But I'm happy to start putting Christmas away and getting ready for a New Year!

Christmas Night (Christmas #4)

Christmas afternoon we headed over to Nick's mom's house for another Christmas celebration!

We hung out, watched Reagan play with Papa Bill, opened gifts, and had some dessert.
It was a great ending to a nice Christmas day.

Grammy Sylvia and Hudson

Reagan playing trains with Papa Bill

Great Grammy and Harper



Santa Grammy and Santa Rea Rea

Reagan got the bug vacuum he wanted! 
Such a happy boy!

Grandma love

Grammy and Papa got Reagan a tricycle! 
It was so cute!

It was perfect!

We had a wonderful Christmas day!
All 3 kids slept great that night.
Reagan slept in the next morning until after 10! 
(It gave me some time to lay out all the gifts for some photos!)

Above are the babies gifts
(clothes, bibs, sleep sacks, toys, socks, books, and gift cards)

Above are my gifts
(boot socks, books, jewelry, movie tickets, gift cards, a massage, coconut oil, and money)

Above are Nick's gifts
(calendar, clothes, books, movies, tools, and gift cards)

Above are Reagan's gifts
(clothes, jammies, slippers, dress up clothes, backpack, Jake and Neverland Pirates Rock, books, soccer ball, microphone, games, play food)

December 30, 2012

Christmas Morning (Christmas #2/3)

I set my alarm to get up early Christmas morning.
I knew that I wanted to pump and feed the babies before Reagan woke up.
So I did that ... and waited .... and waited... and waited.

My little stinker decided to pick Christmas morning to sleep in!

We decided to go wake him up and boy was he out of it!
He kept talking about how he never heard a "bang" and "click click click" when the sleigh and reindeer landed on our house. He was so concerned. We promised him that Santa had indeed come.

We turned the corner into the living room and he instantly saw the kitchen.
He was so excited.
Then we went to check on the cookies and milk and hunted to find the pickle on the tree.

Here is the video of some of our Christmas morning:

Reagan found it (duh!) and got to open the first gift - a microphone!

Then we went back to the kitchen. 
All Reagan wanted to do was play with it!

The babies watched and loved on some toys.

This football Hudson is holding is kind of a funny story. We decided to save $$ and just re-gift some of the toys the babies had and put them in the stockings. (They are 3 months, they won't notice!) But we didn't really think about Reagan noticing! He was like- "That football is not from Santa. Hudson already had that!" Oops!

Nick and I got Reagan a bunch of Melissa and Doug kitchen items for his new kitchen.

Probably my favorite is this Chef costume set.
It even says "Chef Reagan" on it.

He got the cookie set

the sandwich set

and the cupcake set.

He loved opening his stocking.

In his stocking at our house he got new socks, play dough tools, a Bullseye toy, a book, some games, bubble bath, tooth paste, cookies, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates character toys.

We gave the dogs their stockings- new toys and bones.

Reagan also got Spiderman slippers.

Nick and I exchanged small gifts for each other from the kids.
They got me a massage gift certificate! 
I'm so excited to go relax!

I just love their wrapping job.

From the kids I got Nick a calendar of pictures of them for his office, the new Batman movie, and The Campaign movie. We don't get to see any movies- so this will be fun!

At 10:30 we headed over to my parents' house for more Christmas celebration.

Reagan loved his new job of passing out the gifts.

Reagan and Charlotte excited to open gifts!

Reagan and Nick opening a present.

Reagan LOVES his Jake and the Neverland Pirate ship, so he was so excited to get Captain Hook's Adventure Rock.

Reagan also loved his new Cars jammies.

After we opened presents we hung out before lunch. Then we had a delicious lunch and talked.  It was kind of a crazy lunch because of the babies- I swear they both needed to eat or cried the whole meal! So it was anything but relaxed. Nick and I are used to it, but I felt so bad for everyone else! Holiday meals are definitely not what they used to be!

After lunch we hung out some more and played with new toys.

Then it was time to pack up and drive to Nick's mom's house for Christmas #3!
I will write more about that tomorrow! 

December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Day was pretty uneventful for us. 
We were lazy and just enjoyed each other's company. 

That night we went to the early church service aimed for children and families.  This was our first year attending this service.  It was cute to see the children's choir sing and such, but honestly we probably wont go to it again. I thought it would be a good idea with all of our little ones, but it was so different than what we were used to.  For as long as I can remember we have attended our church's candle light service. It is beautiful.  Not going this year, I really missed it. So even with all of these kids in our family we will go back to it next year.  Who knows? Maybe I underestimated how Reagan would behave! 

After the service we took some family photos.

All of us

My family

Meg's family

My parents with Reagan 
And yes- he insisted on wearing his cowboy boots.

After church we came home and Reagan opened his last gift from Buddy our Elf.
New Christmas jammies for him and the babies.

After a quick bite of dinner we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and enjoyed some cake.

Then it was time to leave some goodies for Santa.
Reagan picked out some cookies for Santa, some carrots for the reindeer, milk, and the pickle ornament. 
(We do the pickle ornament- Santa hides it on the tree and the person who finds the pickle on Christmas morning gets the pickle prize. This is the first year Reagan has participated. Usually Nick just gives me an extra gift.)

Next Nick reads "The Night Before Christmas" to the family.
A tradition my dad also did with our family. 

The babies slept through most of the night's activities- but here are some pictures of them in their new Christmas jammies!

After Reagan fell asleep Santa came and was very busy!

Santa brought and set up a kitchen for Reagan and the babies.

And he even put a photo of them all in the frame!
How thoughtful! ;)

Christmas was all ready for the kids!