September 21, 2012

37 Weeks Pregnancy Update

How far along are you?
37 weeks!
Still here and the babies are still cooking!

Total weight gain? 
I gained 1 lb this week.
So 14 pounds total this pregnancy.

I've had a lot of people email/ ask what my secret is/was for not gaining much weight. To be honest. I think I started off on the chubby side before I got pregnant. It was right after New Years when I got pregnant and I weighed the highest I have ever weighed. I was in the 150s. So I think this is why I haven't gained much. I had a lot more fat to grow into. Haha.  Also  you have to remember how sick I was in the first trimester. I was sick multiple times a day and couldn't eat anything. I lost 10 pounds from that. And then it was summer. And it was hot as balls here in Arizona and I was chasing my 3 year old son and bringing him from activity to activity each day. I think that helped tons.  Hope that explains a little bit! 

Baby Information?Any doctor news?
(This may be old news for those of you who follow me on Facebook!) I went to the babies' doctor on Wednesday for my growth check. Harper is weighing 5.15 lbs and is in the 20th-25th percentile. Hudson was the one we were most anxious to see. Because his growth or lack there of would determine if I would be having a C-Section scheduled for this week. The ultrasound tech measured him twice. The first time he weighed 5.3 lb and was in the 5th-10th percentile. This info meant he was in the "worry point" and would need to be taken out soon.  The next time she measured him, he weighed 5.11 lb and was in the 10th-15th percentile. So although he was in the same percentile as last time, he has gained weight. So the next step was for the baby doctor to look at the data and call my doctor to decide.  That was yesterday and I still haven't heard anything- so I'm assuming they aren't worried about his information. I have an appointment with my doctor scheduled for tomorrow.  So, we'll see what happens then.  Unless I start labor on my own, I'm guessing I wont have my C-Section until next week. 

I am really happy that they are such healthy and big but I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed that I didn't have a C-Section scheduled!

Today I went to my doctor. She was giddy with how I am still pregnant! I am now dilated to a 3. She called labor and delivery to see when is the earliest they will let me schedule an elective C-Section for twins.  It was pretty funny because no one knew the answer.  They said it NEVER happens that twins make it this far. They literally had to ask many people around the hospital before they found the answer. But we got an answer. 38 weeks is the earliest unless I had complications or labor had already begun.  So Thursday the 27th I will be 38 weeks.  We scheduled the C-Section for that day.  She laughed as she told me part of her says I won't make it that far , but part of her says of course I will- these kids are surprising us each week.  I am excited to have an "end date" and know that it is indeed coming.  I was so anxious to get these babies out, but I feel like this gives me a few days to finish cleaning the house and getting all my ducks in order! 

Best moment ?
The best moment this week was getting lots love from friends and family.  I wrote an update post on Wednesday on Facebook and got so many comments and likes.  I've also gotten a bunch of emails from sweet blogger friends and texts from new friends from my Mothers of Multiples group.  

It is so sweet to know that so many people are thinking about us and praying for us!  I appreciate you all! :)

Another great moment? My new Erin Condren life planner arrived!
You know you are a nerd when.... haha

Worst moment ?
Wednesday night. Phew. Reagan came into our bedroom at 12:00pm and said "I threw it all over. Can you please clean me?" I was lying there awake- surprise, surprise.  Turns out Reagan threw up everywhere in his bedroom and in the hallway to our room.  He continued to throw up every 15 minutes until 3 am when he fell asleep on my lap on the couch.  He slept until 5 am and was up throwing up again until 8.  Nick went to work and my wonderful mom came over to give me a little break.  He has been sick all day. I guess the flu is really going around- so take care guys- this is no fun!  Reagan has been throw-up-free for over 24 hours! He is in happy spirits and I hope is on the mend! :)

1 boy- Hudson Brooks and 1 girl- Harper Grace

My sleep has been hit or miss this week.
But my dreams have been amazing. My favorite? Being best friends with Lady Gaga. 
Such adventures.

What I'm looking forward to?
A healthy Reagan and meeting my babies!


Mrs. Howard said...

I am super impressed!!!!! I can only imagine...I made it 36 weeks and I felt HORRENDOUS! You are spectacular!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you, friend! Honest to gosh, I was the same size at 39 wks with Gray! He was nine lbs but still! You look radiant!! Can't wait to see pics! Xoxo

Lisa said...

You look more gorgeous then ever. Nice bump! 13 Weeks Pregnant Facts

Doodles said...

Wow, I can't imagine how busy your life must be right now and to be so far along. Congrats.

KRISTIN said...

You are super woman! 37 weeks with twins! And a toddler! And only 14 pounds (which is 100% in your belly!) That's amazing! I am glad the twins are growing are healthy but I'm also glad you have a set end in site, I can't imagine you're comfortable!

I will be thinking of you!!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You look great at 37 weeks!!! YAY! I didn't know that you were naming your boy Hudson....of course, I LOVE that name. ;) Love Harper, too!!

I'll be thinking about you! Not much longer!!!

Feel better soon Reagan!

Erin said...

I saw your comment over on Neely's blog and wanted to stop in and say hello!!! :) And HELLO to you and the sweet twing, congrats! I love the names you have picked out. I also love the name Reagan (for a girl though, sorry!) and want to name my first that! :)

Sara Pierce said...

SO glad I stumbled on your blog. Found you from Neely's "who are you" post! You're so cute with that tiny twin belly and I love finding other mommy bloggers!

undomestic chica said...

I gained 60 pounds! And my babies were just slightly smaller than yours. I'm jealous of your 14 pounds.