September 1, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnancy Update

How far along are you? 

34 Weeks
So exciting! 34 weeks is a big milestone for twins!

I haven't had Nick take a picture of me or my belly this week, 
so here is a picture of my little monkey. 

I promise I will take a picture this week!

Total weight gain? 

I gained 1/2 pound this week.  
So 8 1/2 pounds total.

Baby Information?

According to the babies should be weighing over 4 lbs each. 
(About the size of 2 cantaloupes). 

Any doctor news?

Wednesday: I went to the babies' doctor this day and everything looked great. Hudson was completely vertex (straight up and down).  Harper was still breech but she curved across my belly.  Her feet were directly under the right side of my rib cage (right next to Hudson's head- I'm sure he's loving that! haha).  Just like normal, Harper was all over the place and totally active.  Hudson was more calm. I'm really starting to think this is how their personalities will be when they come out! 

Friday: I went to see my doctor this day.  She was so happy that I had made it to 34 weeks.  She said we made it to the "phew" point, but is hoping for one more week. Then I will be golden. My belly was measuring 43 weeks still.  My cervix is still really high, but is very much thinned. She wants me on bedrest this weekend and to really be lazy this since she isn't on call and wouldn't be the doctor to deliver the babies. Then she said to continue a modified bed rest until I am 35 weeks (Thursday) and then I can be normal. Whatever happens at this point happens! :) We are all anxious for my results from my growth check appointment next Wednesday to see the babies' weights and sizes.  Remember, if Harper continues to grow a lot more than Hudson, I will have a c-section soon after! It's going to be an exciting next few weeks! These babies will be here before we know it!

 Bags are packed and we are set!

Best moment ?
Can I do the best person instead?  

The best person has been my mom
 She is the most organized person I know. She is amazing.  She has spent the past 3 days here organizing our house. She loves it (thank goodness) and we were happy to accept her offer for help! 

She organized our medicines in the pantry.

We totally got this idea from Pinterest! Love it.

She organized the babies' closets.

 She bought tubs and put the next few months of babies clothes in them.

 She also organized other random baby stuff we didn't have a place for and Reagan's clothes.

She started bringing over some of the loads and loads of diapers she has been buying for us.  Every week she buys a box at Costco. God love her.

She also spent her Thursday night helping me with Reagan so Nick could go to the ASU football game.  She bathed Reagan, cleaned the house, and hung out with me on the couch. It was such a help! 

She literally is over at my house every day, washing dishes, helping Reagan with the potty, cleaning, etc.  She is such a blessing and we are all so lucky to have her.

I also got this amazing bed rest package last night from my friend Alicia in Colorado. 
It was seriously so sweet! 

She sent a bunch of magazines, the new Emily Giffin book, a bookmark, a Barnes and Noble gift card, a Tervis Tumbler, soft socks, candy, and a gift certificate for an in home mani/pedi party for me and 3 friends. How stinking thoughtful! Right?! Thanks Alicia!!!

Worst moment ?

I really haven't had a bad moment. It's been a good week! 


Yes, my little ones are still really active. I've been getting lots of sharp pains in my stomach from where they kick or elbow and it hurts like hell! It's not really a fun feeling anymore. It's pretty darn painful! 

Maternity Clothes?

Same as before. 

Stretch Marks?

Yes. Still the same one.


1 boy- Hudson Brooks and 1 girl- Harper Grace


I feel super tired but I'm having a hard time going to sleep. I usually lie there until close to 1am every night before I can fall asleep.  And phew. I am up to pee probably 6 times a night. It's getting ridiculous. 

Food cravings or aversions?

I'm craving Popsicles, smoothies, and anything fruity.
No aversions, just can't eat much anymore. I swear there is no room!

What I miss?

I am really missing hot dogs. A hot dog and a big soda. That sounds like heaven.

What I'm looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the rest of this weekend. Two of my favorite friends are coming to visit me tomorrow and I'm so excited to see them.  On Monday my mom is having a swimming/dinner for the family.  I love seeing Reagan play with his cousins and hanging out with my family- so I'm def looking forward to that.  BTW, I'm counting laying in the pool on a raft as the same as the bed. Haha.

Here is my to-do list most recently updated!

Paint the nursery
*Hang the chair rail 
*Buy a bookshelf and set up
* Order / set up the 2nd crib
Order the nursery bedding/decor
*Figure out the car situation/ buy a mini-van?
*Pull out Reagan's baby boy clothes for Hudson/wash
*Borrow Charlotte's baby girl clothes for Harper/wash
*Figure out what other clothes are still needed
*Organize baby closet and dresser
*Read the stack of Twin books on my nightstand
*Borrow twin books from my Mothers of Multiples group and read up
*Finish registering
*Find Reagan's bottles and see what else is needed
*Make baby shower guest list
*Finish and turn in short term disability paperwork
* Clean the house
*Pack my hospital bag
*Make Reagan his big brother bag for when it's baby time
*Make a nursing box full of special activities for Reagan
*Do the first couple of pages in the babies books
*Organize pantry and make room for baby bottles and such
*Start making freezer meals for when the babies arrive
*Pack the babies' hospital bag


Mizz J said...

How exciting!! It's soooo close! You're right...your mom is such a blessing to have around helping :) Your to-do is done save for 1 thing - you go girl! Best wishes for the next week(s)...continue resting and taking it easy!

~ Mizz J
Apple Blossoms

Victoria said...

Oh honey!! Thank you! You are so sweet! I love helping you all out, and can't wait to see your newest family members make their appearance!

Mrs. Mommy said...

Yay for making it to 34 weeks! Good luck in the coming weeks. Can't wait to read the news when it happens! Have a relaxing time in the pool. And your mom needs to come organize my house :)

Mrs. Easton said...

New follower here! Congrats on the twins how exciting. Multipules are fun I am a step mom to trips and a daughter on the way next month :) so exciting your twins will be here literally any day!