August 10, 2012

TV Addict

Since I'm pretty much stuck at home all day 
there has been A LOT of TV (trash TV to be exact) watching going on!

Here are some of the people I've been spending my time with:

Big Brother 14
Wasn't this scene so funny?
 "I picked the brawn and the brains and now..."
 I don't really have any favorite person that I'm rooting for this season, but I love the drama and how it changes each week. Why does Joe scream all the time? I hate him. Frank blinks A LOT. Like an abnormal amount. And is Ashley high or something? She is bizarre. 

Bachelor Pad
I love Ed. I think he is so flipping cute and he cracks me up. His wasted in the pool scenes crack me up. So do his animal sex noises.  I have a hard time with Jamie. All I can think about when I see her is that awkward kissing scene with Ben. Gross.

Real Housewives of New Jersey
For the record, I used to love Teresa and Juicy Joe.Mostly Juicy Joe. I always thought he was so cute. (Don't judge.) But boy has this season changed me. They are a serious piece of work. I'm now on team "everyone else". Melissa and her Joe are a freaking riot. Love them. But I think I would be friends the most with Jacqueline. 

Real Housewives of New York
While I thought this season got off to a slow start, they completely made up for it with the Florida episode. Holy smokes. Aviva's dad was hilarious. I seriously laughed out loud this entire episode. When he talked about "squirting orgasms" and Mario spit his drink across the table- amazing.   

Teen Mom
Okay. So my friends talked about this show for years and I never caved. Until now. I'm addicted. These girls are train wrecks and I can't turn away.  I seriously want to adopt Caitlyn and her bf. They have crap luck for family but def are getting their stuff together. His dad dating and beating up her mom? Seems so incestuous. And Farrah? She is the rudest girl I've ever seen. And honestly seems like she is a bad mom to Sophia.  

Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp   
I know. I might be the only person in America watching this show. But I like to see her relationship with her family and bf.  I also think it's neat to see Sarah Palin as a mom at home. I like her. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Keeping Up with the Kardashian's
When the show first started, I loved it. I felt like the girls relationship with their mom was so similar to my sister and my relationship with our mom.   Then I stopped watching for a couple of years.  Now I'm back. And yep. I still think we are like them.  We tell each other everything. I like Kim the best but I think Khloe and Lamar and adorable together. And I like Scott, probably better than Kourtney. But I love her hair right now. 

Trust me. There are plenty more shows that are taking up my DVR. (It's a good think Nick and I have our own DVRs because he hates all of my shows.) I'm just kinda done blogging for the moment. Hope you enjoyed my TV opinions!! What are your favorite or must watch shows?!? 


Amy said...

Love this post! :) I like Sarah Palin, too. :) Teen Mom...great! I think Caitlyn & Tyler were dealt a bad hand with their family & are learning to make the best of it! Enjoy your DVR! :)

Miss Nguyen's Class said...

You need to watch Pretty Little Liars. I am addicted to that show even if I get scared watching it sometimes.

Like you, I was once Team Teresa and now I am not so much. I also dislike Farrah! She is so rude to her mother.

Sara said...

I'm a Big Brother junkie! I think my favorite is Ashley just because of how bizarre she is! I also like Will - but not Joe. I also agree with the person above me that you need to be watching Pretty Little Liars - definitely a great series! I watch Army Wives, too - loooots of drama but super good!

Miss V's Busy Bees

Erika Trevathan said...

I love watching Bristol too! And I'm not sorry either!!:)

Sara said...

Do not started on Farrah from Teen Mom. She is soooo ungrateful to her parents who try to help her. What do you think of Maci and Ryan? I think she still has a thing for him.

Mrs. Mommy said...

I'm with you on most of these shows. I haven't gotten into the housewives yet though. Thank goodness for my DVR so I can curl up and spend hours catching up on all this amazing trash :)

Mrs. Christy said...

I like the Palins. I enjoyed other their show on TLC too!
I LOVE Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2! My husband says I'm probably the only adult watching it. I'm glad to know that other adults watch it too. :)
Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

Kymeeee said...

I am so glad that someone else enjoys watching those shows as well! I thought I might be the only person over thirteen watching some of them. You've made me feel so much better. I'm in Canada and don't think we get the Bristol Palin show or I'd be watching it too! Glad that you are finding something to occupy your rest time.

Nicole M Petersen said...

I LOVE NJ housewives and agree with everything you said! I love joe and Melissa and used like Teresa but now she just gets on my last nerve! KUWTK I also a good indulgence..I like khloe and Lamar the best! And Bruce! I love him to pieces! Kris is sometimes a tough pill to swallow and don't even get me started on kourtney! She drives me insane at times. I like Scott and think she's mean to him most of the time! I sooo want to watch life's a Tripp! I didn't even know it was on yet! I like Sarah also! And Bristol is just adorable!

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

I watch most of those shows too. I totally agree with your statement about Farrah. She is so rude and I could adopt the others. Love the NJ Housewives. Teresa is CRAZY! I am glad everyone can see it now. Big Brother keeps getting more interesting with all the twists.


Country Girl said...

OMG, I'm scared for you. You need to watch some better stuff!! Lol!

Amber said...

You are speaking my language, girl! I like Khloe the best and I love Scott!! He should have his own show. Kourtney is so mean to him! Farrah is very impatient and mean and I agree that she is not a very good mama. I love Catelynn and Tyler! I like Jacqueline the best,too. Are you watching Dance Moms?

Leah said...

Love all those shows except Housewives of NY, I'm not a fan of the new cast. But I am excited to see Housewives of Miami! I watch Life's a Tripp too! Love it!