August 28, 2012

BIC Soleil Savvy Giveaway

The nice people over at BIC have asked me to do another review and giveaway for my wonderful blog readers.

Today's giveaway is for a BIC Soleil Savvy Women's Razor

I have been using this razor for the last week and I have really liked it.  It is very flexible and has lubricating strips with Vitamin E.  I liked the rubber grips and pivoting head to make sure I didn't get cut.  Another great feature to this product was that it came with 4 refill cartridges in the same package. I'm going to be having my hands very full soon and I needed a razor that helped my shower time be quick and efficient.  This was the perfect product for me.

Your turn!
Five lucky readers will be chosen to win their very own BIC Soleil Savvy Razor.
Just enter the Rafflecopter below.

Good luck and thanks for following my blog! 
I received this product for free with a request to share my opinion. 


Sugar and Spice said...

Id like to know what you can see to shave sister...LMAO!! underarms and forearms? Because anything below the belly button is pure comedy. I use those razor too, love them :)

Jaime Keel said...

sorry that post is from me, Jaime-- not a weirdo that you don't know, haha! I was logged into a different email address.