August 18, 2012

Week in Review

Another week has come and gone!
I swear- this pregnancy is flying by!

Here is a little bit of what we were up to.


Reagan went to my mom's house and I went through some serious "nesting".  I did laundry, put the baby shower gifts away, re-organized the kids' bathroom, etc. 

fyi- not me


Reagan and I went to a new friend's house for a play date.  Reagan and Rylan went to swimming lessons together this summer and his mom is such a sweet girl , we knew we wanted to hang out again. The boys played hard and we were able to talk "mom talk". She has a newborn as well- so it was great to pick her brain. I swear, I can't remember the newborn stage for the life of me! 

After the play date I dropped Reagan off at my mom's so I could go home and rest.


I had an ultrasound appointment. It took forever and was such a pain (literally) because they could not get the babies to hold still for the stress tests at all.  They needed like 20 minutes of heartbeats monitored for the babies, but they seriously couldn't get them for more than like 2 minutes before they move.  All the while I am supposed to be lying on my back- which is nothing short of painful for me. Awesome. But enough of my complaining. My fluids looked good and the babies looked good.  Oh yes. And Harper had flipped again- back to breech. Crazy girl is definitely going to be a pistol.

fyi- again, not me. Picture this with one more strap and thingy attached. 

Thursday and Friday

Reagan went to preschool and I literally stayed in bed all day. I wasn't feeling too hot. I've been having really bad stomach pains and I am exhausted. I haven't felt this tired since the beginning of the pregnancy. Thank goodness I am able to sleep and don't have to be working or chasing around Rea Rea. I wonder if things are    "starting".  I read 2 twin books and have been taking notes like a good little student.

Yep- these are the books on my nightstand.

Friday night I went to my friend Sarah's house.  We had a little girls night and it was great just to be surrounded by girlfriends and laugh. We all definitely need those nights.

This weekend I plan on just vegging some more.  Nick has a test this afternoon so he's been at the library studying all morning.  Reagan and I went to the pool (so he could play and I could feel weightless) and I can not wait for nap time! I am going to try and get ahead with a few blog posts for next week as well as my first giveaway. 


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Mrs. Howard said...

Non stress tests were always so stressful. Ironic, right? They could never ever find the baby. I went in twice a week every week for about 6 weeks. It was supposed to take 20 minutes, but it always took an hour...or two...