April 15, 2012

The Playroom Move

As I mentioned yesterday, we have moved Reagan's old playroom into the den.
So, now the playroom is at a perfect spot just off the living room.
I can see into it from the living room and kitchen.
(I suppose this can be good and bad!)
The room is smaller so things fit a little differently.... but overall I really like how it turned out.

Hope you enjoy the tour! 

 Here a look into it from the living room/front entry area of the house.
I love the french doors that can be closed if the kids need a little privacy. 

Right when you walk into the playroom you see this sign.
I won a fun blog giveaway and got to choose a print from Lilo Prints.
When I saw this option I knew I had to have it! 

Just to the left of the french doors is Reagan's easel.
I have a couple of learning posters but want to add a few more.
He loves using his "pointer" and reading the posters.

 There is a second door entry from where the kids' bedrooms hallway.
This is the art wall and shelves.

 I found this quote on Pinterest and found the seller on Etsy.
I think it's perfect to hang above the art projects.

Here are the toy/book shelves. Can you tell we have a 3 year old boy? 
There are 3 buckets labeled "balls". 

 Here is Reagan's big toys and tent.
We knew we were spending some money on the new rooms, so for Reagan's birthday we just got him this little tent from Ikea. It was like 20 dollars and he is in heaven with it.
Do you see that hamper behind the tent?
It is now where we store all of his "pretend play" clothes and accessories. I need to make or get a cute little sign and mirror for over it. 

 We left these two white bookshelves in here from the when the room was the den.  The left one is filled with my art and crafts stuff as well as Reagan's puzzles and board games.
The right book shelf is full of our movies. I knew I didn't want these out in the living room, so they got left in the playroom. It works.

Here are our new toy buckets.

 I sorted the little toys Reagan plays with the most into these buckets.
(cars, soft cars, shake and go cars, trucks, little people, trains, big cars, super heroes, dinosaurs, and animals)

 I took pictures of what goes inside each tub and labeled them so that Reagan will know where to put each toy away. 

 There is a little shelf above the french doors.
I painted these letters and put a picture up there for now.

As you can see, the room is already very well loved!

Oh, and I can't forget his little piece of art made yesterday:


jrhimath said...

Mandy, your home looks fabulous! So homey and full of love!! It looks like you are in full nesting mode. . .you go girl!! Love you!!

Victoria said...

Looks fantastic! Job well done!

Amber said...

so cute! The picture labels are a great idea! Jax is so OCD about how he puts his toys away, everything has a spot:)

2sylly said...

Looks great. I can hardly wait to see what you do with the kids' rooms!

Country Girl said...

Could you come organize my house--lol!

Ashleigh said...

super cute! I love the "let them be little" canvas! This may need to be added to our little playroom! Thanks for posting!

Jennifer Ilaban said...

I can tell you are a teacher mom. Love your organization of the playroom and the canvas. Super sweet! :)

undomestic chica said...

It turned out so cute! I'm glad you're happy with your print.

Jenny said...

Looks fantastic and I'm in love with the print you won!

Heather said...

You're so organized! I love your art wall! Thanks for linking up!