April 2, 2012

Yes. This happened today.

Yep. After lunch I notice Table 3 passing around "chapstick". 
I walk over and immediately tell them how gross it is to share these kinds of items, etc.
I look down and read
 "Fleshlight. The #1 Selling Sex Toy for Men".

What the heck?

I grab it before they read it and stick it on my desk.... 
to shield their young eyes.... errr.. show my friends later. 

One of the little boys told me his mom gave it to him.
Lord have mercy.


Amber said...

okay I am googling this immediately. What in the world?! LOL and whose mother would give that to her son!? wow. highlarious!

Hadar said...

Hahahaha!!! Omg!

Jamie said...


Emily said...

OMG, what a mess!! That's so embarassing. Did you send it back home with a note?! lol

Taylor said...

I was dying laughing when i saw this on your FB! My friend's husband gave these away for grooms gifts! I thought it was totally sick..but hilarious...but I am also still not exactly sure what it is or how it is used

vicky1970 said...

Hi mandy - you have the BEST name ever...that's my daughter's name and I had it picked out since I was 9 -- crazy! Anyway I was laughing too hard when I read your post...oh my goodness! I teach first in CA...come visit sometime if you haven't. I just posted a freebie :o) Your follower button isn't popping up right now so I will come back to follow.
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Lauren said...

Lol!! Thats crazy!! When i taught first grade we had "pen day" where they got to bring a pen to write with for the day. One of my little girls brings me her pen and says it isnt working i open the black pen to see a very life like penis staring at me!!! I gave her a purple sparkly pen to use instead!!! Haha crazy whAt parents will send their kids to school with!!