April 14, 2012

Let them be little....

We've been really productive around our house lately.
We've been working on one room at a time, in preparation for the twins.

Our first project was to re-do the kitchen table area.
We NEVER sat there (we sit at the dining table instead) and decided we could better use the space.
A big motivation was hearing we were pregnant with twins.
We needed to move the current playroom to the den and then figure out what to do with the office stuff. After a little Pinterest searching, I decided on turning the eating area into an office/sitting area.

We brought the desk out and bought some new sitting area furniture. 
I knew I wanted some casual, wicker pieces and found exactly what we wanted (and in our price range) at Home Depot. Score! 

It's already been a really good space for us.  I can find Nick sitting here reading the paper and Reagan reading books. I can sit at the computer and do school work, while still feeling apart of the family.

The chair is actually a rocker/glider which will be perfect for feeding babies. Although right now it is a perfect ride for Reagan's animals. He thinks it is quite hilarious. Such a boy. 

Nick has been busy painting Reagan's new "big boy room" today. So Reagan and I have been doing a little craft for the playroom. One of the songs that makes me cry just about every time I hear is "Let them be little" by Billy Dean. 

(watch the video here.... you may want to grab that tissue first)

So I decided to do a little art project using the lyrics with Reagan.

 I first got a little canvas and put stickers on it to spell out the quote.

 Next, I busted out the finger paints and let Reagan paint the canvas how he wanted.

 After his paint dried, I peeled off the letters.
And wallah!
The final masterpiece.

The first "L" got a little crooked through his creativity... and some of his paint mixed to an ugly beautiful brown... but I let him be little. :) We will be hanging it up in the playroom. I will post pictures when it is completed! (Hopefully tomorrow!)


Victoria said...

LOVE this!!!!!! Mandy you are so creative, and a fantastic mother! The new things you are doing to the house are just perfect, and so practical! No wonder God chose you and Nick to have twins!

2sylly said...

I love this! you are so creative.

girlRyan said...

Mandy, I love your family! and I think the crooked L is a perfect & heartfelt touch :)

Mrs. Howard said...

I love the canvas! So cute!

lori said...

that is a great use of space for your room. my brother and sister in law kind of did that in their house, they made the dining room a living space because it was by the kitchen, so she could see the babies while she cooks.

A MilShelb Mom said...

Looks great! We never eat at our kitchen table either... but it is the only eating space we have, otherwise I, too, would get rid of it! :) I love his art work. Great job!

Jenny said...

Wow you guys have been so busy and productive! What a great idea for the sign and your sitting area is beautiful! You are amazing!