June 4, 2013

Twins 8 Month Update

Last week the twins turned 8 months old.
Holy smokes.
Time can just slow down any day now!

I don't have any stats since they don't have a dr. appointment this month.
But I do have some new pics and videos! :)

I just love this series of pictures I captured.
Don't they look like such trouble! 

Harper: "Oh I got my sticker off!" Hudson: "Uh oh. You're in trouble!"

Hudson: "Hey. Let me see that!" Harper: "Wait. What?"

Harper and Hudson : "Ooh this is sticky!"

Harper: "Wait. Give that back now. It's mine!" Hudson: "Busted!"

The twins' 7 month was a big one for them.
Lots of new things happening around these parts!

New Foods: prunes, corn, pears, and blue berries
Clothes: 6-9 month for the most part
Diapers: Size 2

Dear Harper,

You are such a dream baby. I probably tell you I love you 100x a day. I just look at you and say it. You melt my heart. You had a rough tummy this past month and were struggling to go #2. But I think we've got it under control now. (Knock on wood!) You love sitting in your high chair and have really mastered eating "puffs".  It took you a week but your hand/eye coordination is so much better.  You still could care less about the sippy cup with water.  Rather than drink it, you like to toss it on the floor and make one of us pick it up. Such a fun game for you! ;)  You have learned to really sit up well unassisted.  You are such a baby now- you just up and play with toys. So stinking cute.  You have started crawling this past week but only if you really want something.  Otherwise you are happy to just stay put.  You LOVE the water.  Bath time in your bath chairs is your favorite.  You splash, throw toys, and try your hardest to climb out of the seat. You just really want to be free in the water. (Scares me to death!) Speaking of water- you LOVED your first time in the pool. You are a natural! You may be part fish.  You favorite toy at the moment is your jumperoo.  You get some serious air and squeel like a banchee! 
I love you more and more each day princess!

(Above is a video of Harper jumping!)

Dear Hudson,

Aww my little Huddy Buddy.  You are such a love. 
You have turned into such a mover. Once you learned to crawl you became a streak.  We had to put up a play yard baby gate to keep you in "baby jail" because you are everywhere! You are fearless and scare me to death.  You are climbing and pulling yourself up everything (the crib, the couch, the tv unit, the exercauser,  the baby gate, etc.) You have already had a few goose eggs and have needed the boo-boo packs. I think you are braver than Reagan was at this age and that my friend is scary! You have already figured out how to sneak behind the baby gates and move he toy baskets so that you can crawl around it. We've had to lower the cribs because you love to stand up in them. Yikes.  You popped your first too this past month and have been chewing on everything. Including both your sister and your cribs!  After you left teeth marks all over them I got the teething guards. Better late than never!  I also got you guys some of those hippie amber teething necklaces. Let's see if those help! You have finally mastered eating puffs although we still find more in your clothes than in your tummy!  You love drinking water out of your sippy cup and are really good at it.   You still struggle sitting up by yourself unassisted and you move too fast to really try and practice it! You are getting "over" the jumperoo and the exercausers because you just want to crawl.  
I love my happy boy!

Below is a video of the twins after they just woke up.
I LOVE going into their rooms each morning because they are just so sweet and happy.
They are so lucky to have each other as best buddies already.

And for Trendy Tot Tuesday:

Harper's dress is from Carters and Hudson's overalls are from Osh Gosh 


Amy said...

Phew! That is one busy month! I can't believe they are 8 months old already?! Time really does fly! SO precious!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

They are too cute! Happy 8 months!

agalandherdog said...

Those videos make me want to die! So cute!!!

agalandherdog said...

Those videos make me want to die! So cute!!!

Mrs. Mommy said...

They just keep getting cuter and cuter. I love the commentary in the first pictures, haha. Kyla saw the last picture and pointed to Hudson and said "Ace"!

Love the video. They are so happy in the morning :)

KRISTIN said...

They are so damn cute! I love their fashion sense. Coordinating without matching - it's adorable! Happy 8 Months babies! :)

Victoria said...

8 months of love and joy!

Victoria said...

8 months of love and joy!

Emily Powell said...

such cuties!

The Burtons said...

They are adorable!! Love their little expressions!