June 30, 2013

Don't forget!!

As you may or may not know- tomorrow Google Reader is shutting down!

If you use it to follow your blogs you will need to switch your blogs.  I (along with most other bloggers) have switched over to Bloglovin.  It's super easy to switch your blogs over there to read. And it's cool because you can put them in different categories.  For example- I have all my teacher blogs in one folder, my mommy blogs in another, daily reads in another, etc.  

If you don't wan't to loose all of the blogs you follow, you will need to transfer them over TODAY!

Make sure you click here to import all of your blogs.
Today is the last day to transfer them all over in the easy step!

And just to be safe- click below to make sure and switch mine over!
I'd hate to loose you as a follower.

Click here! 
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Julie said...

Another good feed reader is Feedly. Also has one click google reader implementation.