June 2, 2013

Guest Post - Top Tips for Family Friendly Travel

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone's summers are off to a wonderful start.
I know many of you have big summer vacations planned and boy am I jealous.

I'd love to have my feet in the sand with a cold beverage in my hand right.about.now.
With a nanny for the kids.
(Just keeping it real.)

But anywho.

Are you traveling with your little ones this summer?
I was contacted by Kendra who wanted to share her traveling tips with you- my fabulous readers.
I hope they can help you in your travels!
And thanks Kendra! 

Top Tips for Family Friendly Travel

Traveling with children can be difficult, but take courage! You can have a vacation and still keep your sanity. Follow these five tips, and you will have a fun trip for kids and adults alike!

1. As a mom, it is always important to be prepared, especially when traveling.  Before you even get to the airport, you should pack an extra set of clothes for everyone in your carry-on in case there is a problem with your luggage. The vacuum bags are a great way to pack a lot into a little bit of space.  You may also want to make sure that you have snacks, drinks and other items packed in your carry-on to keep children content if there is an unexpected wait.  Purchasing these items at the airport is always an option but tends to be pricey and not ideal for picky eaters.

2. If you are interested in planning a trip that your kids will love, but still want to relax, check out family-friendly resort options. Whether your family loves skiing in the mountains or building sandcastles at the beach, odds are that there is a family-minded resort in the area. One popular trend for this type of accommodation is the inclusion of an all-season indoor waterpark. If floating in the lazy river isn't for you, quiet resorts in the mountains may offer summer horseback riding lessons. My family’s vacation to Oahu led us to one of the best Honolulu hotels for children.  Kid-friendly resorts are fun for all ages, offering kids' clubs and day excursions alongside golf outings and spa treatments. 

3. When it comes to traveling with kids, stick to a routine. Children thrive on a set schedule, so do not forget stopping for naptime and snacks. A child's stomach does not comprehend concepts like saving room for an excellent meal two hours in the future. Nor will he or she be happy if they are deprived of a scheduled nap. Little ones need as much relaxation on trips as their parents. Remember: people tend to walk more while on vacation. Even if your feet aren't feeling the pain, the little feet on your trip are taking more steps to keep up. Take breaks accordingly.

4. Traveling with a stroller is difficult. Your family should examine positives and negatives of stroller travel, especially if you're flying. Large strollers are difficult to maneuver, so plan for carrying luggage and taxi travel. Consider the practicality of a stroller for your destination. If your destination has an endless amount of stairs or a hike through the sand, opt for a backpack or carrier instead. Umbrella strollers can be a good option for travelers as they are light and less expensive, but also less comfortable for little ones. Purchasing a travel system like the ones from GogoBabyz can be a smart move for those bringing their car seats on vacation. Also check to see how much it costs to rent a stroller at your destination.

5. Strollers are not the only packing consideration. Careful thought needs to be given to the types of toys your family brings along. Bringing new toys tends to hold attention longer. You should also include packable old favorites, which can be a lifesaver with a cranky child. Bring only toys that are practical for the confined space you’ll be in.  If you’re headed to the ocean this summer, don’t forget the beach toys!

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These are some really great tips...thanks!