June 14, 2013

Dad's 60th Birthday

This past weekend my wonderful Daddy celebrated his 60th birthday.

My Dad hates attention and when we try and do anything special.
But tough luck for him.

He is seriously the.best.dad.man.ever.
He is the most generous, thoughtful, and caring man.  

Everyone I meet says the same thing about him. Clearly it is true. 

My mom organized a family dinner at one of our favorite Chinese food restaurants. They have a private room that we tend to take over for these type of events. When you ask him what he wants for his birthday or holidays, or such, he always says the same thing - to be with his family.  So the whole gang of us came - his 3 daughters, our husbands, and his 6 grand kids. We had a few surprises up our sleeves.

 Dad with his 3 daughters.

 My parents.

Dad with 1/2 of the grand kids.

 Dad with the other 1/2.

All of the grands with Dad.

My sister wrote a cute song about him to the tune of "Sweet Caroline" and we all sang it to him. It was a crack up.  Yes I took a video. But my sisters said they would never speak to me again if I posted it. Boo.

I made a slide show full of photos of Daddy with us all.  I had such fun choosing pictures and music that I thought everyone would love.  Everyone loved taking a trip down memory lane. If it wasn't almost 20 minutes long I would post it here. Ha Ha. I guess I got carried away!

Charlotte and Rea Rea loved dancing around to the music.

We also all wrote letters/notes, sharing our favorite memories with him and such.  We also reached out to his family and friends from across the country to do the same.  We took turns reading them aloud and we all were crying by the end- haha. Everyone was so sweet.

It was a great night to show our Dad how much we love him.
He says it was his best birthday ever and is still thanking us for it.

Happy birthday Daddy!

Here are a few pics of my little part of the family!


Amy said...

Aww! What a sweet birthday! :) Love that you reached out to his friends & family to write letters too! How touching!

Mrs. Mommy said...

How fun! He seems like a pretty fantastic guy and it sounds like he has some pretty fantastic kids too! What a fun party!