June 17, 2013

Summer Play Dates

One of my favorite things about summer is the play dates we  have with friends.
Since many of my mommy friends are also teachers, summers work out best for getting our little ones together. We've had a few already this summer- and boy has Reagan been a happy camper!


At the beginning of summer we had a fun filled day with our friends.
I had a bunch of passes to Pump It Up and my friends Megan, Jenny, and Siobhan met us with their kids. 
After Pump It Up we hit up Chic-fil-a for a yummy and rowdy lunch.

There were 5 little boys 2-5 and 4 babies 1 and 8 months and under.
We definitely got a lot of attention!

 The big boys closely watching the safety video.

 All the babies lined up.

 Reagan, Peyton, and Owen playing.

 Nathan and Harper playing.

 Nathan and Hudson attacking Siobhan.

 Sweet baby Brooke.

 The boys table at lunch.

 View from our Mommy table.

Our whole gang!


Last week we got together with an old friend Marisol.  She used to be my Mom's assistant years ago and would "baby sit" my sister and I while my parents' traveled.  She was always like the cool-older-sister. We've recently reconnected and it was fun to have her and her two precious kids over to play. My Mom and sister Meg came to catch up with her as well.  The boys were the same age and had fun playing together.  Mom ordered us all lunch and we talked for a long time!

 Marisol, Meg, and I

 Reagan and Patrick

 New buddies

 The living room scene.

 A future teacher? 

 Meg and Charlotte cooking up some grub.

Digging into lunch!

We still have a bunch of friends we need to schedule play dates with this summer! 
Such fun!

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Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

How fun!
All the summer playdates are one of my favorite things about summer, too!