June 11, 2013

Junior Fine Arts Camp

Last week Reagan attended the Wee Kids Class at our church's Junior Fine Arts Camp.

It was his first ever "day camp" and he had so much fun.
He was there from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm each day and did music, arts, playtime, and lunch.
He made lots of new friends and loved his teacher Miss Jo Jo.

Each day was a "theme" day where the kids came dressed up.
Here is what he wore each day.

Monday was "Wear Your Favorite Color Day".
Reagan wore his 2 favorite colors: blue and green.

Tuesday was "silly hat and slippers day".
Reagan wore his train conductor hat and his Spiderman and Batman slippers.

Wednesday was "Wacky Wear Day".
We tried our best to be wacky but I thought this day was really hard!

Thursday was "Backwards Day".
He was so tickled to wear his jersey and visor backwards.

During photos this day as he posed for me he said, "Work it, work it".
He cracks me up.

Friday the families were invited to come and have lunch with the kids, see their art gallery, and watch their performances.  It was cute and he was so proud.  My mom came with and he was so excited to have his Mimi there.

Showing off some of his artwork.

Reagan and I

Reagan and his Mimi

Enjoying a light lunch.

Some artwork

More artwork

Here is a little video of Reagan singing:

And because I know you can't get enough of these two....
Here they are during the program!

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Sylvia said...

Let me know the next time he has a program like this. I'd love to come - and skipping out on work is always a plus!