October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume Details


This year we took Reagan to Party City to check out all of the Halloween costumes. The poor kid was in overload. He wanted every single costume and couldn't decide what he wanted to be. So we went home and let him think about it.  That night he decided on Woody from Toy Story. So I went back to Party City to check out their Woody costume. It was the standard "Halloween costume" - cheap material, pull over clothes, etc. I was not impressed. It had no bells or whistles. (I promise I'm not a costume snob but this was bad!) So I left and looked at the Disney Store. It was more $$ and not all that different than the Party City one. Hmm. So I decided to create my own. Party City had a Woody extra pack- so I got that first. (Mind you I was 8 months pregnant and on bed rest- oops.)

I was really excited with how it turned out.

Woody Extra Set (Hat, cow vest, Sheriff badge) - Party City
Yellow Shirt- Savers
Bandanna - Michaels
Jeans - home
Belt and Holster - Party City
Belt Buckle- Party City
Boots- borrowed from my nephew

I knew that I wanted the twins to match Reagan in some way. I looked online for baby Toy Story costumes and everything I found was too big. I knew for Halloween they would still be wearing newborn sizes and there was no such thing that little! So I looked at Etsy. I found an adorable shop  GinaBellas1 with little Jessie dresses. I fell in love.

I loved the pillowcase dress and thought I could pull the ties to make it fit my tiny Harper.

I showed Nick the little Woody onesie and he said we could easily make our own. So off I went to JoAnn's to pick up some matching fabric.  My handy husband made Hudson's onesie and I think it looks very similar! 

I ordered cow print leg warmers for both babies from online (can't remember the shop) as well.

I also got Harper a matching Jessie bow from DressUpJubilee 

Here are the final costumes on my sweet babies.
What do you think?

Check back in tomorrow to see pictures from our Halloween!

October 30, 2012

Halloween's Past

I was never a huge Halloween fan. 
Until I had Reagan.
It is so true- kids make every holiday more special.

Reagan's First Halloween
6 months old

Reagan's Second Halloween
1 1/2 years old

Reagan's Third Halloween
2 1/2 years old

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween? 
Are you doing anything special for Halloween night?
Hope you all have a great one!

*Oh- and for those of you curious-bedtime last night was fine! Reagan only had 1 issue and the babies were excellent. We all survived. The Cardinals lost the game, but the kids and I all made it to bed! :) 

October 29, 2012

Our Hallo-weekend

We had a fun and busy Hallo-weekend!

We did Halloween crafts.

Reagan loves himself a good art project! :) 

Autumn Fest

We dressed the kids up in their pumpkin gear and headed off to our church's Autumn Fest. It was a fun, free, family event where the kids got to jump in bounce houses, go down inflatable slides, play carnival games, and visit a petting zoo. Reagan had the best time! We went with Nick, my mom, sister Meg, and brother in law Shaun. It was a team effort getting us all out of house! 

My 3 little pumpkins!

I love my sweet babies.

This was the babies first real outing other than the doctors office!

Happy boy!

Reagan and his cousin Charlotte.

My sister Meg, all of our kids, and I.

Reagan doing some of the carnival games!

We went to my Mothers of Multiples Halloween Party.

I got the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes for the first time this season.  Reagan and Hudson were Woody from Toy Story and Harper was Jessie. ( I will write more about their costumes in a later post! ) We then went to a park to meet up with my MOM's group where there were bounce houses, lunch, and a parade. 

With my Toy Story crew.

Sweet babies.

This kid loves bounce houses!

My handsome little Sheriff.

Nick's Birthday

We ended the weekend with Nick's birthday. Thanks for those of you who wished him a happy birthday! I will pass them along to him! :) We had a great meal at Outback for his birthday and can you believe it- didn't bring up the kids once! It was purely adult conversation and we laughed a lot. So needed! Reagan and I baked Nick a birthday cake and darn did that Funfetti cake taste delicious. I got him some new Lacoste cologne, his mom got him a gift card, and my parents got him a new briefcase and cash. I think he had a great day. He's going to the Cardinal game tonight with his dad - so yes- I'm braving my first bedtime alone with the kids. Wish me luck! 

October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Nick!

Today is my wonderful hubby's 31st birthday!
He is such a great husband and father and we are so lucky to have him!

We are going to be having a pretty low key day at home but doing lots of celebrating.
Reagan woke up this morning saying "Let's start Daddy's party now! It's a birthday!"
Haha. My mom is coming over to watch the kids so that Nick and I can go out for a birthday meal sans kids. (Thanks Mom!) Hopefully he feels loved and appreciated today because he certainly is! :)


October 27, 2012

Happy 1 Month!

Happy 1 Month Harper and Hudson!

I can't believe it's been a month since you were born.
You are both so special and we can't imagine our lives without you both in it.

The babies have their 1 month check up on Thursday, so I will be back then with their 1 month stats! 

October 25, 2012

Halloween in the classroom

I used to LOVE Halloween time in my classroom because we did many activities that tied into math, reading, science and writing.  It was a great way to teach across the curriculum while getting your kiddos excited for learning.

One of my favorite things to do were our pumpkin investigations.  The students measured their pumpkins, wrote about the pumpkin life cycle, and sequenced.  

Although I'm not in the classroom right now, I've loved looking at your blogs and seeing what Halloween activities you are doing. I'm storing ideas away for when I get back but I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you! Thanks everyone for sharing such awesome ideas.

Kids love bats and you can weave it into all subject areas!

I'm loving the pumpkin writing pages and 5 senses ideas from 1,2,3 Teach With Me

I'm loving the spider and station ideas from Mrs. Plant's Press!

How great is this free TPT writing pack from First Grade Blue Skies?

Oh my word. I love this adjective idea from Teacher Idea Factory.

Last but not least- I LOVE the idea of having an all school Storybook Pumpkin Display.
I have see these on many of your blogs. But here is an example from Sunny Days in Second Grade. Seriously. I die over this cuteness!

Thanks everyone for sharing such awesome ideas.
Do  you have any special Halloween ideas for your classroom? Feel free to comment and leave a link to your blog for my readers!

October 24, 2012

Birth Announcements

Since most of the twins' birth announcements have been sent and received  I thought I would post what they look like. I was really excited with how they turned out. 

Now onto Christmas cards!
 I have no idea what to have us all wear or what they should look like. 
Any ideas?



October 23, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Sunday morning we took Reagan to the Pumpkin Patch. 
(My in-laws were kind enough to watch the babies so we could take him.)

This was our 3rd year taking Reagan to this patch and we had a great time.
We were also joined by my sister Meg and her family!
I posted pictures from Sunday as well as some from the past few years. 
It is so fun to compare how he has grown! 

(L-Last year, R- This year)

When we first got there Reagan wanted to ride a horse.
Such a brave boy!
Love his expression and hands!
(L-2 years old, R- 3 years old)

After horseback riding, we explored the hay mazes.

(L- 1 year old, R- 3 years old)

Once we made it out of the mazes, we took the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. 

Picking the perfect pumpkin!

(L- 1 years old, TR- 2 years old, BR- 3 years old)

My sweet niece 

(R- 1 year old, L- 3 years old)

(L- Last year, R- This year)

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch!
Next year will be quite the adventure with all 3 of our children.