October 22, 2012

Live each day like your last....

This weekend I attended a memorial service for my sweet friend Lisa's father.
I didn't know him personally but I went to support her and her sister Brittany. 

I left the service feeling like I needed to go hug and love on my family.
I can't imagine what Lisa and Brittany are going through.

And then I logged on to Blogger tonight and saw Natasha's post.
It was perfect.

She wrote a beautiful post that expresses exactly what I am feeling.
Thanks Natasha.

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Jaime Keel said...

That was such a great post on the important things in life. Life isn't always easy, or easy to understand. God surrounds you with family and special friends to lift you up and help you keep your faith and trust in the journey and road the Lord puts you on. I'm so sorry for your friends loss. I will keep her in my prayers.
Love you and our friendship.