October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume Details


This year we took Reagan to Party City to check out all of the Halloween costumes. The poor kid was in overload. He wanted every single costume and couldn't decide what he wanted to be. So we went home and let him think about it.  That night he decided on Woody from Toy Story. So I went back to Party City to check out their Woody costume. It was the standard "Halloween costume" - cheap material, pull over clothes, etc. I was not impressed. It had no bells or whistles. (I promise I'm not a costume snob but this was bad!) So I left and looked at the Disney Store. It was more $$ and not all that different than the Party City one. Hmm. So I decided to create my own. Party City had a Woody extra pack- so I got that first. (Mind you I was 8 months pregnant and on bed rest- oops.)

I was really excited with how it turned out.

Woody Extra Set (Hat, cow vest, Sheriff badge) - Party City
Yellow Shirt- Savers
Bandanna - Michaels
Jeans - home
Belt and Holster - Party City
Belt Buckle- Party City
Boots- borrowed from my nephew

I knew that I wanted the twins to match Reagan in some way. I looked online for baby Toy Story costumes and everything I found was too big. I knew for Halloween they would still be wearing newborn sizes and there was no such thing that little! So I looked at Etsy. I found an adorable shop  GinaBellas1 with little Jessie dresses. I fell in love.

I loved the pillowcase dress and thought I could pull the ties to make it fit my tiny Harper.

I showed Nick the little Woody onesie and he said we could easily make our own. So off I went to JoAnn's to pick up some matching fabric.  My handy husband made Hudson's onesie and I think it looks very similar! 

I ordered cow print leg warmers for both babies from online (can't remember the shop) as well.

I also got Harper a matching Jessie bow from DressUpJubilee 

Here are the final costumes on my sweet babies.
What do you think?

Check back in tomorrow to see pictures from our Halloween!


KRISTIN said...

SO adorable and SO creative!!! Love it.

Amy said...

Awww! So precious! Good work Mama {& Daddy, too!}

Megan said...

I seriously love these costumes!! The leg warms are beyond adorable too!! I LOVE babylegs! They always have the best sales too!!

Kristen said...

So cute!

Serena said...

Very creative...love the toy story theme!

Murdock's mama said...

Such cute outfits...great idea! The baby leggins are my favorite! ;)