January 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Hi everyone!
This week has been a crazy, busy one! Sorry I haven't been on blogger much to write or read your blogs! I will try and catch up soon!

Quick Week Recap:
- I had my yearly observation at school on Monday. It went great but it's always so stressful!

- Reagan is really turning into a little sponge. He mimics everything you say/do. I love it. But probably should start watching my language!

- Reagan kinda broke my heart this week. I went to pick him up at preschool and he said " No. Mimi. No. Papa." And planted himself down. Clearly, he loves my parents more than me! :(

- One of the Christmas gifts from my wonderful. scratch that- AMAZING parents was money to buy a new TV. So this week Nick finally decided on which TV he thought was the best for us and brought it home. We are kind of dying with the size and picture.

-I had a killer migrane on Thursday night and woke up with another one this morning. I HATE them!

-This week we celebrated the 100th day of school (kind of a big deal for us primary teachers). We had a full day of activities which totally wore me out.

This weekend
is a Mommy/Reagan weekend. Nick went on a boys trip with his friends to the mountains. Please Lord let no one get hurt or arrested. They are almost 30... not 20 anymore! Reagan and I dont have too much planned. We are going to a basketball game with my family this afternoon and then I think my sister is coming over to hang out with us this afternoon. I have a bunch of school and house projects to do... plus a migrane- so I think a low-key weekend is due!

Have a great one!! XXOO


The Scott's said...

Aren't you glad your observation is over?!?! I always stressed over mine too, and I have no idea why. And woohoo for the 100th day of school. Now it's time to start counting down how many days until summer break!!! Enjoy your weekend with your little man...he's a cutie! And I sure hope your migrane goes away and stays away!

MJ said...

Good to hear your observation went well. Hope your migraine goes away soon!! Have a fun weekend with Reagan...I'm sure after this weekend you'll be the favorite!! :)

Jamie said...

Hope you and Reagan are having a fun weekend!

Ashley said...

Hannah almost always prefers my mom if we are both together. It makes me sad too..... Glad I'm not the only one lol!

Ashleigh said...

sounds like a crazy week, but at least a fun weekend!! :)

Murdock's mama said...

I'm sure it's a relief to have your observation over! My mom is a daycare provider so know it's totally normal and just a phase that Reagan chose someone over you! I'm sure you're a fabulous mama & after your weekend together he probably only want you! :) Hope you had an amazing weekend!

Victoria said...

for the record! Reagan most certainly DOES NOT love me more than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just that I am his Grandmother!!!! Love and kisses to you both!!!