January 16, 2011

Football Fever!

A couple of people have asked about where my love of the Green Bay Packers comes from
(since I live in Arizona)..... so here is a little background.

My dad was born and raised in Wisconsin. All of his side of my family still lives there as well. So growing up I was raised in a household that followed the Packers. When I first started dating Nick in college, we thought it was a crazy sign that he loved the Packers as well. His family is from Montana and that is where he was born. His dad is a crazy Packer fan as well.

It's been fun to see our two families blend over the love of the Packers. My dad, Nick, and his dad have taken a few trips to Green Bay to see the Packers play at Lambeau Field and they always talk about when will Reagan be old enough to bring him.

So that's it. We are sooo excited about the big win last night! Go Pack Go!

PS.. we had a fun lunch yesterday with some of our friends at Zipps. I love being with old friends and laughing about our wild and crazy times!


MJ said...

That's funny that you both like them!

Mrs. Fine said...

Looks like a great lunch. I love getting together with a large group at a restaurant and having good conversation and laughs! Enjoy the game this afternoon!!