May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Everyone.

And a huge thank you to all of the soldiers who fought and died for our freedom!

This morning Reagan and I joined my mom for breakfast and shopping while the boys went golfing. During Reagan's nap I floated around my parents' pool reading... so nice and definately a sign of summer! I was so white that even though I was only out for an hour or so I got some freaky tan lines...grrr.. This afternoon after the boys got home from golf we went back to my parents house for a bbq. Reagan got in the pool for the first time this summer and had a blast. We grilled and had ice cream drumsticks for dessert. Reagan was in hog heaven just pigging out and running around like a wild man. It was wonderful to just veg out and enjoy the sun with my family. We did miss my sister tho- who is in Ohio for a friend's bachelorette. Pool days just arent the same without her!!

Lily was loving running around my parents' yard!
Happy Memorial Day from our family!


Whitney said...

What a CUTE blog you have here. I love it! :) Just wanted to drop in and see what's going on. I love seeing what my bloggy friends are doing. Your little pup is adorable!!

Kimberly said...

looks like you had a nice weekend! I love the baby tube! so cute!

littledaisymay said...

Pool time is the best! Glad y'all had a fun day :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hey Mandy! So good to hear from you... I am happy to have found another 'blogger' that I know! Yours is so cute! And your son is absolutely adorable!! I am excited to start following you as well :)