May 29, 2010

School's Out For Summer!!

Congrats to all my teacher friends out there!!

I for one am so excited for summer break!

The last few days at school were stressful, busy, sad, and happy all mixed into one. On Thursday we had our annual First Grade kickball game... Its always quite interesting since our little ones hardly understand the concept! haha But its always loads of fun and plenty of laughs. Thursday night was also a great night. My parents came back into town from their two weeks of travels. We went over to their house to cheer on the Suns (what a crazy game!) Friday was the last day of school. My mom came to work with me to help me take down my boards and say goodbye to the kiddos. The families all arrived at 10:00 and the first graders sang and performed end of the year songs. We then came back to our classrooms to give out awards and certificates. I cried when saying goodbye to many of my students! There was one mom who absolutely sobbed and wouldnt stop squeezing me. It really made my heart break! Here are a few pics from the last few days!

Tonights a big Suns / Lakers game.. My parents, Nick, and bro in law Shaun are all going.

The performance
The first graders and teachers after kickball

how cute-- these little girls (one of the left is in my class this year and one in the middle is her little sister --will be in my class next year-- bought me a matching bow so I could be their other sister)


Kimberly said...

oh love the hair bow idea!! My daughter use to cry at the end of the school year. She always loved her teachers.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I can only imagine the first graders playing kickball :) Have a fabulous summer vacation!! I have 8 more school days and I'm there too!!

littledaisymay said...

I bet it was hard to say goodbye to all your kids! But yay for summertime :) Those bows are just too sweet!