March 2, 2014

Twin Updates

15 Months
On December 27th the twins turned 15 months.
They went to the doctor and had their well check.
Both weighed 19 pounds and were 30 inches long.

I'm going to try my best to remember their info... 
I really should have done this post while it was fresh in my mind!
 But here goes...

The twins wore size 3 diapers and size 9-12 month clothing. They also wore size 3 in shoes.
They took two naps a day and still slept with their lovies and sleep sacks.  Both babies were addicted to their binkies and were immediately soothed by them.  Harper and Hudson both only said "Maa" and "Dadda" at this point as well.  The Dr. said we needed to try and get them to improve their language before the next appointment.  I feel like he said they should be saying 3-6 words at this point.

16 Months
On January 27th the twins turned 16 months. 
The babies have really changed so much.   They are definitely little toddlers now! They are wearing  all ranges of clothing , depending on the item!  They 

My little drama diva.  You are a riot. 
1. You are obsessed with your big brother Reagan. You follow him everywhere and love to climb into his lap. You also love to "help him" get dressed, give him a bath, and put lotion on him.
2. You are deathly afraid of our 8 lb. dog Lily.
3. You always prefer Mommy's arms to everyone's. Even Daddy.
4. You like to dance.
5. You love to cuddle your dolls and you especially love your stuffed "Boo" and baby doll in bed. 
5. You love to get dressed and put bows on.
6. You always nod your head. Yes. No. You are very expressive.
7. You say "Mama", "Dada", "No", "Ya", "Night", "All Done".
8. You bite. When you are frustrated and mad, you bite. It hurts! 
9. You hate getting scolded or in trouble.  If we yell or say no to you, you immediately bow your head and stick out your lip.  You even walk to the corner where Rea Rea sits in time out and put yourself there. It is hysterical. Drama I tell you.

10. You sing and talk in your crib before you fall asleep. Cracks me up. Thank goodness your brother sleeps through it all. 
11. You give kisses with an open mouth and love to cuddle.
12. Your favorite things are your baby dolls, the ball pit, and books.

My little Huddy Buddy
1. You have more personality than I can bear. I could eat you up.
2. You are a wild animal and run everywhere.
The amount of wipe outs you've had, you should be covered in bruises!
But you literally get up with no tears and keep running with no sign of injury.
3. You have really started to "talk". At 15 months you rarely said Mama, and Dad only sometimes.
You are now saying "goal", "look", "ball", "dog", "duck", "night night" and "uh oh".
4. You are 100 percent , completely bffs with your Papa. Your face lights up and you prefer his arms to anyone else's --- even mine!
5. Your favorite things are books, balls, and anything you can throw and crash. 
6. You love to throw yourself on anyone who is sitting on the floor and "tackle" them.  Whether they want it or not, you are going to dog pile them!
7. You still grin ear to ear whenever you see Yo Gabba Gabba.
8. You love to hold your sister's hand and console her when she's upset.
9. You LOVE bathtime and throw yourself in whether I'm ready or not. Clothes and all.
10. You can climb onto the couch. You first taught yourself with a chair and now can do it without. Trouble.
11. You don't sit still for long.... the only person you sit down with is your Papa.
12. You love to play soccer with Reagan.  You actually kick the ball down the field and aim for the goal. You crack us up.  Future athlete over here! 


Victoria said...

I just love reading about this little Twinkies !!!! You really got it right in your writing. Love you, love them!!!!

Lea said...

Awe! they are definitely growing up aren't they. So, so precious! Great post!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

They are too cute!!!

Mother hen said...

They're beautiful
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Please check it out

Sarah Hall said...

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