April 29, 2010

Im Back

Wow, life has been busy this week.

Saturday we moved into our new house. It was hilarious. Nick had about 7 of his fraternity brothers plus his parents and my parents and siblings there to help with the move. We kept laughing about how it should have been a greek life ad-- "It's not just 4 years, its for life"!
We worked hard all weekend getting the house livable!

Saying goodbye to the old house!

Monday and Tuesday my mom came over to watch Reagan while we were at work. We are so lucky to have her help us care for our little man two days a week. Wednesday was Reagan's first day at the new day care... I def started crying as I handed him over to his teacher and didnt stop until I got to work.... I dont do well with change! Reagan on the other hand was fine!

School news- our butterfly came out of her chrysalis and we set her free. Also today was the DIBELS reading assessment. My kids blew me away. Two scored low but the rest were off the charts. I was bursting with pride!

Ive missed all my blogging friends! Can't wait to catch up!!

April 22, 2010

Reagan's 12 month doctor appt!

Today Reagan went to his 12 month doctor appointment.

Here are some stats!

Weight: 25.6 lbs (85th%)

Length: 31 inches (90th%)

Head Circ: 18 (50th%)

The doctor was happy with this size and growth. He said he looked perfect and was laughing at how "down to business" Reagan was at this appointment. He was so serious and just studied the doctor. I decided it must have been that he didn't sport the mo-hawk today!

Reagan got 3 shots (MMR, Chickenpox, and PCV). He was such a trooper...only a couple of tears but he hung onto his blankie for dear life!

In other news... last night Nick and I spent the evening painting Reagan's new nursery. We decided to "recreate" what is at this house... he....uh...me .... has only been able to enjoy it for 12 months! We move in 2 days... I kind of cant deal!!

April 17, 2010

Work Day at our New House!

Here are some pics from our work day today at our new house!
My dad, mom, sister, and bro in law were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and seriously worked their butts off!! Dad repainted the pantry/laundry room as well as 3 other rooms! (The lady who owned the house before us had a TON of artwork... and as a young family we dont have quite that much-- so we needed to fill the holes and paint over)

Above is a pic of the kitchen nook
Above is a picture of the great room and our enterainment unit.

Reagan is in love with his Uncle Shaun... here Shaun is teaching him how to paint!
So cute!
Thanks again to my amazing family!! Can't wait for move in day!

April 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hi friends!

I hope that you all had a wonderful week! Things have been very busy on our end.

Tuesday was a crazy day.
After work I drove up to meet Nick at the Title Company to sign the closing paperwork on the house... After 1 million (or so it seemed) signatures we went to visit Reagan's new daycare. They were so kind and I hope Reagan meets some nice friends and is given lots of love! After thedaycare we drove to the new house to have the final walk through. It is so exciting, but we were definately exhausted!

Thursday was the first grade field trip.
Every year since Ive taught we've gone to the Wildlife World Zoo. Its soooo far away but seriously an amazing zoo. We had a blast and the kids made some wonderful memories. No major mishaps this year, but a few good stories to tell after the fact!

watching the kids feed the giraffes is always one of my faves

this monkey reminded me of Reagan... little mohawk

how tiny these baby mice are!

baby white tiger
Today Nick and his best friends went to Vegas for a bachelor party. Reagan and I will be having a busy weekend though- hopefully it will help get our minds off of him being away! (We haven't been apart in a long time - not to be too much like the crazy OC Housewives, but we havent been in seperate states in years!) Reagan and I are going to meet my parents at the new house this weekend to work and clean! One more week until move - in!

Also.... every year I order caterpillars for my kiddos . Its amazing to watch them grow and transform into butterflies. Weds one of our caterpillars made it's chrysalis! So awesome.. Hopefully the other caterpillars will do the same this weekend!!

April 11, 2010


Hi everyone!
It's been a few days since my last post! Let me catch you up....

First of all , I am soooooooooooo excited. I entered the giveaway over at This kind of love's blog (if you havent checked her out you should. She is one of my favorite blog friends!) and I won! I am so excited to get The Blind Side!!

It was a fun week in first grade. Our Harcourt anthology story for the week was "Fishing Bears" so we were busy with a bear unit. We wrote bear reports and ended the week with a bear celebration. We had a teddy bear picnic, did bear math, and had enjoyed showing our bears what first grade is all about!

This weekend we have been busy boxing up the house for our move. I cant believe we only have 2 more weeks here! Ahhh so crazy! Reagan has been enjoying this crazy weekend.. he loves pushing all the boxes around, throwing all his little people into boxes, and (oh dear) climbing on top of the stacks of boxes. Last night we took a break and went to the mall for some fun. We went to Chick -fil-A for dinner. Reagan loves their chicken and fruit, not to mention watching all the big kids play in the play area. ( I love this place too, but I must say we couldnt stop laughing with how many times they say "It's my pleasure"... we counted and we heard it over 10 times. haha) After dinner we went to Gymboree and Children's Place to spend some gift cards on Reagan. We also happened to go into Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids for me... How did that happen?!? I have Reagan's playroom on my brain- I cant stop thinking about what I should get and do to make it perfect for a little 1 year old mover!

April 6, 2010

Tuesday's Top 2 and Whats in my bag....

This week Taylor's Top Two is

Top 2 Magazines

I must say I used to be a huge magazine junkie... I had tons of subscriptions and always took my mom's when she was done..... but this past year I have been better with my spending/money and do not have any subscriptions other than my Parenting one that was a gift....
My favorite two magazines that I love to read...er... stare at the pictures are:

In Style... Such great beauty and fashion tips and pics..

And US weekly... I cant even imagine how much money Ive dropped on this magazine over the years... Its soooooooooooooo addicting and full of the best photos and gossip!

Julie at Brown Eyed Belle tagged me to see

My mother instilled a love of handbags in my sister and I at a very young age. I can remember starting my Kate Spade collection in middle school when I sported the mini backpack to school everyday.. By the time I graduated high school I had about 10 Kate Spades. Then in college my taste changed and I fell in love with Prada and my little Louie. Since college I have become a huge Coach fan.
If I'm not carrying my newest Coach bag (see the birthday blog) , I'm carrying Reagan's diaper bag. My wonderful sister Meg got this for me for my 27th birthday. I love love love it. It is a Kate Spade (going back to my old handbag days!) It is nylon which is easy to clean, has girly details like the bows on each side and the polka dot lining, but is still okay to carry around with a baby boy. For this particular post we will explore the diaper bag... and I must tell you I didn't expose all of it- there were 4 board books, a bib, a spoon, and a baggie of Gerber puffs... haha. But here are the real necessities I can't live without in my bags!

1. Juicy sunglasses /case
2. Kiehls lip gloss
3. My planner/wallet/life (I seriously live and die by this book)
4. Two Red Hens diaper bag- I knew Reagan was a boy but needed more pink in my dark bag!
5. Coupon envelope
6. Reagan's restraun table mat thingy
7. my pink Ipod nano
8. Changing table cover (matching Kate Spade polka dots)
9. Yellow Kate Spade wristlist that I throw odds and ends in (It was a bridesmaid gift and has perfect matching polka dot lining)
10. My cell phone
11. Car keys and Work keys
12. Not pictured- my camera... always with me!
This was fun... thanks for tagging me Julie! :)

April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
What a beautiful day it was to be with family celebrating Jesus and His sacrifice for us!

This morning we woke up and Reagan found his Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. He wasn't too thrilled with it.. Seriously all he cared about was the empty plastic egg that was painted like a football... Figures!
(PS ... please excuse the moving boxes in the background...)
Then we loaded up and drove north for church. It was a great feeling to be back at the church where I grew up and see the minister who married Nick and I. We were proud to show off Reagan again (they all hadn't seen him since Christmas) and announce that we would soon be back to Chaparral as our home church since we are moving to Scottsdale soon. It was a beautiful service and Reagan did great in their nursery.

After church we drove to my parent's house for the afternoon. We took family pictures and then changed into comfy clothes. Everyone watched basketball, golf, read, and relaxed until lunch was ready. Mom prepared a delicious meal and set another beautiful table!

Us with my little sister Meg and her hubby Shaun
Us with my wonderful parents

My mom always sets the most perfect tables!

Here are a couple of pictures from last year's Easter. Reagan was 1 week old!

Here is today!

Something exciting did happen while we were relaxing.... we felt an earthquake...sort of. We were in the backyard, enjoying the sun when my dad and sister noticed the pool's water splashing wildly. We thought it was weird since there really wasn't a big breeze. Nick then received a text from the news saying that reports of a Baja Mexican earthquake was felt in our county.... Crazy! Those tremors must have made the pool water splash. I wish I would have felt it though.... An earthquake in AZ- that's a first for me!!

April 3, 2010

Reagan's First Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby boy!

Today is Reagan's first birthday and we had an amazing time at his birthday party.

I had a farm themed party and requested that everyone sported their best farmer attire.

I am really pleased with how everything turned out. It was an absolutely beautiful Arizona day. We were surrounded by amazing family and friends. I hope everyone had as much fun as Reagand and I did. Here are some of my favorite pitcutres.... and then a slide show of all of them!
The head table with food and pictures

Some of the food

More food

Pig cake

Cow cake

Goodie bags and bandannas for guests

Happy Birthday my love!