April 29, 2010

Im Back

Wow, life has been busy this week.

Saturday we moved into our new house. It was hilarious. Nick had about 7 of his fraternity brothers plus his parents and my parents and siblings there to help with the move. We kept laughing about how it should have been a greek life ad-- "It's not just 4 years, its for life"!
We worked hard all weekend getting the house livable!

Saying goodbye to the old house!

Monday and Tuesday my mom came over to watch Reagan while we were at work. We are so lucky to have her help us care for our little man two days a week. Wednesday was Reagan's first day at the new day care... I def started crying as I handed him over to his teacher and didnt stop until I got to work.... I dont do well with change! Reagan on the other hand was fine!

School news- our butterfly came out of her chrysalis and we set her free. Also today was the DIBELS reading assessment. My kids blew me away. Two scored low but the rest were off the charts. I was bursting with pride!

Ive missed all my blogging friends! Can't wait to catch up!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your student's success!! And have fun in the new place :)

littledaisymay said...

That great y'all had so much help! That's great news about your students doing so well on the test :)

vtiepelman said...

LOVE Reagan all decked out in his Burberry! The shoes are to die for!