April 1, 2010

Reagan's Due Date

I can't believe that 1 year ago today was Reagan's due date!
I had been on maternity leave for 1 week already and was really ready for my baby to come out! I spent most of the 9 months hoping that Reagan would not be an April fools baby... I could just imagine the jokes and such for the rest of his life! But when the due date actually came around I was praying that he would arrive. I only gained just over 20 lbs with Reagan but felt HUGE. My body ached, I couldnt sleep, and I was ready for my peanut to be in my arms!

My mom and I spent the morning shopping in old town. After that we had lunch at Olive Garden. While I was tempted to try their Eggplant Parmesan (I heard it induced labor), I decided it sounded disgusting! That evening I joined my girls for our monthly girls night. We usually go to each other's house in our comfies, eat, gossip, and laugh laugh laugh! That night was no exception. It was so good to get my mind off of things.
Here is a picture from that night"

(Dont mind the fat girl in the middle!! haha... )
Jenny, Lisa, Kelli, and Kate- old and new members of our first grade team

The next day (April 2nd) I spent hanging out at home. When Nick got home that night we went to dinner at Pei Wei where I ate spicy, orange chicken. Then we went to a tux shop to pick up a suit Nick would be wearing in a wedding that weekend .... yes... Nick was scheduled to be a groomsman in one of his best friend's weddings that weekend. (The Dr had scheduled to induce labor with Reagan on Monday the 6th if he didn't come sooner...She said it would be no big deal to drive to Sedona to stand in the wedding and make it in time for the birth... can you imagine?)
Tomorrow I will write about Reagan's delivery!

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Happy birthday to Reagan!