March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
Half-way to the weekend!!
1) My class' Flat Stanley's project is officially coming to an end. I have received 18/20 Flat Stanleys back. This year was amazing! Our Stanleys had some amazing adventures including going to the Superbowl in Florida and meeting Kurt Warner, danced in Fiji, posed with kangaroos in Australia, fed monkeys in Thailand, co-anchored the Illinois news, played basketball in Texas, visited CNN studios in New York, went to a diner in New Jersey, played in the snow in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Ohio, looked for dinosaur fossils in Colorado, served in a restraunt in Washington, went to the beach in California, went to the University of Arizona, saw Idaho potatos, helped on a cattle farm in Montana. My family and friends have been AMAZING! (I'm sure I missed some- but trust me- we appreciated them all!)

Us in front of our Flat Stanley board.

2) Today was quite a day in my class. Within the first 10 minutes of school I had a little guy vomit everywhere. Gross. Then a little bit later one of my boys goes "Anna just hugged me and her pants were wet. I think she had an accident"... I ask Anna " Honey, did you have an accident in your pants?" She nonchalantly says yes... Gross again. How long had she been sitting in those wet pants... and what would posess her to hug a boy knowing full well that her pants were wet.

This afternoon one of my little girl's mom brought baby chicks into my class. (Remember last week I taught them about oviporous animals...) It was so fun! I think they are just the cutest.

I cant wait for this weekend!
Reagan's First birthday and party will be Saturday.
And Easter is Sunday!


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

What a cute class you have! That is amazing about the Flat Stanley project! I'm sure your class was thrilled! And happy early birthday to Reagan!

littledaisymay said...

I love Flat Stanley! Your Stan's went everywhere :) And how cute is your class?!

As for our new camera, we got a Canon Rebel and love it! It comes in different mega pixels and different prices. So if you want a "serious" camera it's a great one to get!

That one girl said...

Oh, first birthday parties are sooo fun! We had a rum bar. Okay, guess they are fun for the parents...